What You Need to Know About CBD and Sex Drive

What You Need to Know About CBD and Sex Drive

Can your favorite CBD products help or hurt you when the mood strikes — “the mood,” that is, your sex drive? What do you need to know about CBD and sex drive? To get down and dirty on this subject, we did the research for you. No need to make your search history blush.

Evidence That CBD Helps Sex Drive

Whether we’re talking general mood, or the mood, there is already evidence to suggest that CBD can positively impact women with symptoms of PMS as well as limit anxiety, nausea, and other un-sexy feelings in both men and women.

So, it’s not impossible that CBD can help you feel your best when it comes to intimacy. Reducing the chance that you’ll get in your head about your physique or performance will likely make the experience more enjoyable, as millions of people struggle with anxiety or stress regarding these issues.

According to a survey in Remedy Review, a site that features research on natural remedies such as CBD, indicated that 94% of respondents had never used CBD for sexual purposes. However, 64% of respondents who had tried CBD said it improved their experiences.

How does CBD have these sort of effects?

It comes down to CBD’s interaction with your endocannabinoid system — receptors in your brain that regulate various bodily processes. When these receptors are acted upon, they essentially eradicate stress. Adding CBD into the mix helps facilitate this process.

CBD and Stamina

If CBD can have calming effects, how can it be a good idea to rely on it prior to high-energy activities? CBD’s effects on your energy level have more to do with finding the right product, serving size, and timing of your serving than any blanket answer. Other factors include your personal stats such as age, weight distribution, metabolism, and how much you’ve eaten that day.

When you find the right CBD game plan for you, it’s likely the supplement will have regulatory effects. Depending on your personal preferences and needs, CBD can calm nerves or it can give you a much-needed energy boost.

CBD and Pain vs. Pleasure

For women who suffer from endometriosis, or anyone who has other physical complications that make sex painful, there is a good chance that CBD’s pain-relieving properties can help. There is also a high concentration of cannabinoid receptors in your reproductive organs, in which taking CBD can likely increase blood flow or sensitivity. Although, the latter is debated, and more likely to occur from THC, not CBD.

A 2012 study in The Journal of Sexual Medicine showed a significant relationship between endocannabinoid concentrations and heightened female sexual arousal. This means that cannabinoid products, if correctly formulated, can have a huge impact the underlying mechanisms of female sexual functioning.

What Products Should I Try?

It’s not exactly a turn on (or very effective) to reach for pain medication prior to being intimate. While there are certain conditions, especially among women, that can cause sex to be painful, certain CBD products may be able to help either during or after intimacy. Topical CBD balms can help women who suffer from dryness or irritation, and general CBD formulas target endocannabinoid receptors to soothe discomfort or pain in anyone. These receptors, of course, are the same ones that when activated keep your anxiety low and your mojo high.

The above product suggestions are just the beginning, and can be found right here on Direct CBD Online! As always, be wary of any reactions you may have to topical products, especially in sensitive areas. Consult your physician with any health concerns or if you experience persistent episodes of painful sex. After all, it should be something that you feel good about, in both your mind and body!
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