Why use CBD for Athletes?

Why use CBD for Athletes?

Don’t let the term “athlete” intimidate you. If you put in the work to move your body each day (or most days), this post is for you. After all, the pandemic has caused us all to evaluate our health a little closer. Perhaps you started a fitness routine or fell off track (and repeat). If you’re ready to get going again — for real this time — CBD for athletes is equipment worth having.

Why should athletes consider CBD?

Athletes come in all shapes, sizes, ages, and skill levels. Unfortunately, pain and inflammation don’t discriminate. But, luckily for you, neither does CBD. Research continues to show that CBD can have powerful pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory benefits — two of any active individual’s greatest concerns. And, if you haven’t already noticed, some of the biggest names in sports and fitness are CBD believers. To name a few, this includes the following that you can shop right here on our site:

CBD for short-term recovery

If you’d like to start adding CBD (or an additional dash of CBD) specifically to help you with your fitness, there are some items perfect for this. However, as you may know by now, the proper way to reap the benefits of CBD is by using it regularly and responsibly.

If you already have CBD in your routine (perhaps a tincture for sleep or a capsule you take with your vitamins) there are some more tailored options out there. When we say short-term recovery, we’re talking CBD for after workouts or even to give yourself an extra pep in your step beforehand. Two of the best brands for this, by far, are BioSteel CBD and Kill Cliff CBD. We offer an exclusive selection of both — in fact, we’re the exclusive third-party seller of Kill Cliff CBD.

CBD for injuries

Treating injuries can be trickier, as you likely know. Of course, we recommend you consult your healthcare provider first for any serious symptoms. For recurring issues you have a good handle on, stubborn aches, or overuse injuries, CBD can be the perfect option, however. Research continues to show that CBD is naturally powerful for combatting pain and inflammation, which are two of the greatest concerns for any active individual.

In fact, CBD is the subject of many ongoing studies particularly among athletes as an alternative to opioids for the responsible management of pain. Opioids and similar prescribed medications, as you may know, have a high rate of dependency and misuse. CBD, on the other hand, has minimal side effects and hasn’t shown any risk of dependency. You shouldn’t have to choose between relief and the risk of addiction — this is part of what makes CBD so promising.

When it comes to finding the CBD product for injuries, topicals are a great option. In fact, this cream from BASKiN was the first branded CBD product to be featured in a medical journal. Its positive effects on acute and chronic back pain are motivating further studies.

Combining CBD with other ingredients, like herbs and botanicals, can produce even more powerful relief. You can learn more about this in our post, “Can CBD and Natural Pain-Relievers Work for Me?

More about CBD for athletes

Still want to explore more about CBD for athletes? Thankfully we offer a huge selection of CBD products, especially for athletes. If you were intrigued by topicals for athletes in particular, you can shop for all of those right here. For some additional reading, we have an older post you may also be interested in, “Is CBD Good for Athletes?” We also covered how CBD can improve your golf game (no promises, though). We hope you find something to help get you moving and on your way to crushing more goals!

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