Top 5 CBD Lube Products for the Holidays

Top 5 CBD Lube Products for the Holidays

CBD has been making its way into all aspects of our lives. Skincare, supplements, sports, sleep, and naturally intimacy. Sex is part of life after all and there is no shame in making it the best it can be! Here are CBD lube products you might enjoy, or that you can add to your holiday list.

CBD for intimacy

Whether we’re talking general mood or the mood, CBD can definitely help bring balance and consistency to the way you feel, eat and sleep. Which arguably, can only help put you in a good mood.

Moreover, a survey in Remedy Review, a site that features research on natural remedies such as CBD, indicated that 94% of respondents had never used CBD for sexual purposes. However, 64% of respondents who had tried CBD said it improved their experiences.

So, it’s not impossible that CBD can help you feel your best when it comes to intimacy. Reducing the chance that you’ll get in your head about your physique or performance will likely make the experience more enjoyable, as millions of people struggle with anxiety or stress regarding these issues.

CBD can also help with pain management, and in some cases, a CBD lube could relieve symptoms of pathologies leading to painful sex.

Safety measures

Not to get too lewb, but when it comes to our genitals, caution always has to be the priority. We always recommend seeking the advice of a medical professional before trying CBD lubes, and definitely before trying an intimate product.

Most lubricants are formulated not to disrupt the ph and sensitivity of all parties involved, but we still recommend keeping the application external.

Make sure your experience remains fun and pleasant!

Because of the extraction process necessary to obtain CBD, some CBD-based lubricants contain oil. Oil can usually degrade latex, which can render latex protection of any kind inoperative. 

Best CBD Lubes to make your holidays merrier!

Why not bring a little extra joy to your holidays this year? Users report that using CBD intimacy products brought a sense of warmth and sensuality to their intercourse, which helped make their moment of intimacy more complicit and intense.

If that doesn’t sound worth getting on the Naughty list, then what is!

Ananda  Touch Bliss Intimate Oil

More of oil, less lube, the Ananda Touch Intimate oil was formulated by Dr. Alex Capano. Using all-natural ingredient, it enhances the sexual experience.

Ananda Touch Bliss Intimate Oil Lifestyle

Fair Warning: This should be used with latex protection. Please use a different kind of protection or a different lubricant, if needed.

Kush Queen Ignite CBD Lube

Passion doesn’t wait, and neither should you! The Kush Queen Lube uses Amplifi™ Nanotechnology to allow instant results. The Lube is compatible with latex and uses no harmful chemicals, to preserve the balance of your pH.

Kush Queen Ignite CBD LubeUncle Bud’s CBD Personal Lubricant

Tangerine scented and long-lasting, the lubricant deeply moisturizes and makes for less friction for a more pleasurable moment. This is a great simple product to start with if you are a little hesitant.

Uncle Buds 60mg CBD Personal Lubricant

This formula DOES contain coconut oil, which can degrade latex. While this isn’t specified by the brand we do not recommend using latex protection with this product.

GoLove CBD Intimate Lubricant

GoLove’s founders are both industry experts. Dr. Sadie Allison is an author in sexology and John Renko, B.S.E. focuses his work on CBD. The result created a dermatologist-tested formula.

The lube helps reduce discomfort and anxiety and solve unwanted f=dryness so you can focus on the moment and enjoy!

This lubricant is latex-safe.

GoLove CBD Intimate Lubricant Water-Based 200mg 40ml Lifestyle

Privy Peach Exploratory Anal CBD Lubricant

All holes aren’t always created equal. For this reason, Privy Peach formulated a thicker specifically for areas that are not self-lubricating.

The lube is made of all-natural and organic ingredients and melts when in contact with the body.

Privy Peach Exploratory Anal CBD Lubricant - Coco Jambo 360mg 12 PacketsThis formula DOES contain coconut oil, which can degrade latex. While this isn’t specified by the brand we do not recommend using latex protection with this product.


Bonus item, if you want to make it to the extra Naughty list:

Foria™ Intimacy CBD Bath Salts with Cacao

Indulge in a mineral-rich bath infused by organically grown kava, cacao, rose and hemp. This bleng is formulated to awaken your senses for intimate moments.

Let that soak in…

Foria Intimacy CBD Bath Salts with Cacao 200mg Lifestyle

And from the bottom of our heart at Direct CBD Online, have a very happy holiday season!

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