May 2021 Quick Hits

May 2021 Quick Hits

We made it through another month! As of May 15, 36.7 percent of the country’s population was vaccinated. And with COVID regulations loosening around the country, we are getting closer to social connections without wifi. Although, we stay connected to the industry’s latest news for you. Here is all you need to know brought to you by Direct CBD Online!

California,  ever-evolving legislations

In March, the USDA put in effect a set of new rules for the hemp industry, including a set of timeframes for testing pre and post-harvest. Farmers in California have since criticized the state’s regulations, which appear more restricting than the ones set by the USDA.

Trying to follow CSDA and USDA regulations like…

They argued that the state should take into consideration that California is the nation’s largest cannabis market. Therefore, regulations should seek to encourage such success, not diffuse it. This month, California has moved to match the testing timelines to the country’s standard, but the ban on smokable hemp still remains active.

The new cool kid under scrutiny

Last month, we talked about the potential and controversy around Delta 8 THC.  Since then, more and more states have been cracking down on it, with complete bans or strong limitations to market it.

Marielle Weintraub, president of the U.S. Hemp Authority (a third-party product certification body), is warning producers and retailers about producing or selling Delta 8 THC, without Delta 9 THC certifications and authorizations.

“Hemp companies not doing this are risking their brand and business future, sanctions from FDA, FTC, USDA, and EPA, and possible enforcement actions from DEA and state law enforcement and regulators,” Weintraub said.

The current situation is the result of confusion as to whether to consider Delta 8 THC a regular cannabinoid legalized by the 2018 Farm Bill or a controlled substance because of if its extraction process. It seems only wise to err on the side of caution for now.

The states that currently ban delta-8 THC entirely include Alaska, Arkansas, Arizona, Colorado, Delaware, Idaho, Iowa, Mississippi, Montana, Rhode Island, and Utah.

Scammers seize opportunities in the CBD market

The Better Business Bureau warns CBD users against “free samples” scams. Under the guise of a free trial for CBD products, dozens of consumers have reported being billed hundreds of dollars after the fact.

The mode of operation is nothing new to the BBB, it is just reaching a new industry. Consumers start by paying a small amount for shipping and are then added to a subscription plan that can sometimes be difficult to cancel. Cancelation often requires contacting the company, instead of offering the possibility on the website.

So far only one company has been sanctioned by the FTC for what they qualified as predatory and misleading techniques.

At DCO, we strongly encourage you to stick with vetted subscription services and autoship orders. Find out how simple it is to cancel a service before subscribing to avoid any unwanted services.

Herbs coming to hemp’s rescue

The American Herbal Products Association, a national trade association within the herbal products industry, seeks to provide resources to standardize hemp’s terminology in terms of cultivation, process, and labeling.

The Hemp Lexicon encourages constituency and transparency in the hemp industry.

For a more user-friendly CBD guide, don’t hesitate to consult our glossary.

More quick news

PepsiCo launches a hemp-infused soda in Germany! Rockstar Energy + Hemp comes in 3 flavors and there seem to be no plans to sell anywhere else for now.

The European Commission added CBG to the list of authorized and legal cosmetic ingredients. This is a great first step for hemp in the beauty industry overseas.

Looking for more CBD news?

As we expected, 2021 is looking up! But if you find yourself wanting more news, consider looking into our past Direct CBD Online Quick Hits articles right here.

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