CBD Oil Benefits During Cold Weather

CBD Oil Benefits During Cold Weather

*Taps on icy computer screen* Hey, buddy, how are you holding up? While you may prefer frigid indoor temperatures for productivity or you’re just one of those *puffs chest* snow experts, the cold can certainly get old. So, what are CBD oil benefits during cold weather? What does CBD have to do with the cold at all? Join us on a journey. It may not be as whimsical or exciting as the one in Elf, but we’ll try.

It takes the edge off

No, CBD unfortunately cannot defrost your windshield for you when you’re running late for wherever you think is so important. However, adding a tincture to your hot beverage of choice can take the edge off, at least. Search for a formula that offers focus or energy, such as added CBG, for example, to ensure you won’t just knock out behind your desk once you get to work. (No, this doesn’t happen with most CBD products, but it will if you choose one with melatonin or CBN, on accident). Regular CBD use, as part of other healthy habits, may even help keep your immune system in check.

CBD can help you hibernate better

Well, we actually can’t technically hibernate, but CBD can undoubtedly make you feel as though your night’s sleep lasted months, but without the grogginess of a grizzly. CBD for sleep, especially those that feature CBN, melatonin, chamomile, lavender, or valerian root is especially effective at helping you calm the heck down. Not only do these products offer you faster sleep, the sleep will be of better quality, allowing your mind and body to properly repair themselves overnight.

Pamper yourself at home with CBD

CBD is becoming the go-to ingredient for creating spa-like experiences at home. With CBD for bath, you’ll quickly forget the day’s woes. And, once you step out, you’ll question why those woes ever thought they had a chance coming after you in the first place.

We particularly love the fiercely soothing power of bath bombs from Kush Queen. And, if you feel as though your glow has been absent lately, be sure to check out CBD skincare to help cure some of those winter skin issues we all experience.

Refresh yourself after a much-needed workout

Do you shudder at the term “sedentary?” Or, do you feel as though you’re stuck in a bit of a workout rut? Either or, CBD oil benefits athletes of all activity levels. If you’re looking for great items to fuel your workouts before or after, be sure to check out the BioSteel CBD line proudly sold on Direct CBD (a designated third party). For all kinds of hydration and recovery needs without the sugar or crap, we also love these beverages from Kill Cliff CBD (again, Direct CBD is an exclusive third-party seller). For even more great items, like topicals that Brett Favre himself uses or other CBD for athletes, be sure to take your time browsing around.

The friend with endless benefits

CBD is certainly the friend in your life that you maybe never knew you needed. But it offers seemingly endless benefits the more comfortable you become with it in your routine. If you don’t know where to begin, check out this video on the top products from 2020 or this guide to finding the right CBD product for you.

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