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CBD Broad Spectrum Oil Tincture

CBD Broad Spectrum Oil Tincture

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CBD oil tinctures provide the simplest, purest, and most versatile way to take your daily CBD. Made with Superior Broad Spectrum CBD formula infused in MCT oil, our CBD tinctures come in a wide range of concentrations without any THC. Sometimes, nothing beats the basics!

  • Up to 7500 mg of THC-free* CBD formula
  • Always derived from U.S. hemp
  • Third-party lab-tested for quality and consistency
  • Vegan and Gluten-Free

Keep it simple and clean with the original CBD oil tincture. We start with our Superior Broad Spectrum hemp extract, carefully formulated to include only the best cannabinoids and terpenes while staying THC-free. We infuse these tinctures in MCT oil, a plant-based oil that your body burns quickly to give you a boost of energy without a big deposit on your waistline.

And with all the great natural flavors, CBD tinctures can add more kick to a whole variety of foods and drinks!

For fastest results:

  • Fill dropper to 1 mL
  • Squeeze out under tongue
  • Hold for 30-60 seconds before swallowing

Alternate methods:

  • Squeeze directly into mouth and swallow
  • Mix with your favorite drink
  • Use in place of oil in your favorite recipe

If you’re not sure how much to take, try doing one serving every morning and evening for 30 days and see how you feel. You can gradually adjust the amount until you get the results you want.

6000 mg products may have a more natural, bitter taste due to the high concentration of hemp-derived cannabinoids.

SUGGESTED USE: Once daily or as needed.

Batch-tested to ensure no detectable THC. State laws require these warnings:

WARNING: Consuming this product can expose you to chemicals including THC, which is known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

Product contains a total delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol concentration that does not exceed 0.3% on a dry weight basis.


Use this product under the guidance of a physician if you have a medical condition or are pregnant or lactating.

Must be 18 and over to purchase or use this product.

WARNING: May cause drowsiness.


  • Hemp Extract (98% naturally occurring phytocannabinoids: Cannabidiol, Cannabigerol, Cannabinol)
    Our Superior Broad Spectrum extract brings you the best of hemp, while staying THC-free.*
  • MCT Oil
    Short for medium-chain triglycerides, MCT oil is plant-based but formulated to burn quickly so it won’t stick to your ribs.

All Ingredients: Hemp Extract (Cannabidiol, Cannabigerol, Cannabinol), MCT Oil, and Natural Flavor.


How Pure Is the CBD in CBD Oil Tinctures?

All our CBD extract is tested at a third-party lab not only to ensure that it’s THC-free* but also to detect any pollutants and other unwanted ingredients. You can look up the test results for each batch on our COA page.

Is Artificial Flavoring Used in CBD Tinctures?

We only use natural flavors in our Orange, Berry, and Mint CBD tinctures. The Natural tincture has no flavoring at all, so it just tastes like MCT oil, which is faintly nutty.

How Many Servings Are in Each Bottle of CBD Oil?

A serving is considered half a dropperful, based on the dropper that comes with the bottle, which is about 1 mL. So a 30 mL bottle has 30 servings, while the 60 mL bottle has 60. Feel free to adjust the serving size to what suits you, though.

Can CBD Oil Tinctures Be Applied Topically?

You can apply CBD oil topically if you like, but it isn’t designed specifically for absorption through skin. Our CBD topicals are made for topical use, with added ingredients for different purposes like pain relief and skin care