March 2020 Quick Hits

March 2020 Quick Hits

March was a relatively light month in the world of CBD. Though, it’s been quite a heavy month of news otherwise. We truly hope you are doing your best to keep yourself and your loved ones safe and healthy. Thanks for joining us! We’re still happy to provide our monthly news roundup here on Direct CBD Online. From March, we have some insight into the European CBD consumer, more direction from the FDA, as well as a new development in the science of carriers.

First Look at the Nine Types of CBD Consumers in Europe

If you’re reading this as a business owner or merely a consumer yourself, it’s likely no surprise that not every consumer is created equal. So what does the European CBD consumer look like? Are they motivated by the same things as American CBD consumers? We’ll take a brief look at the breakdown of the nine types, and you’ll see that there are definitely some similarities. Here are the key takeaways:

FDA Pledges Action Against “Unlawful CBD Products,” While Offering Confidentiality for Research

The FDA continues to work to establish itself as the authority over the hemp industry. With this mission, official regulations are still taking shape. Among other goals, the FDA also hopes to continue taking action against CBD companies whose products pose a risk to the public. This is also balanced with the notion that the FDA plans to partner with some companies for the sake of research. Furthermore, the FDA is planning to keep some of the details of this research proprietary. The FDA also plans to serve as a force to bridge gaps in CBD education among American consumers.

New Data on Squalane in CBD Delivery

Already stumped by what squalane is and why you should pay attention? Squalane is particularly important when it comes to skincare, and may make more noise in the CBD skincare space in the near future. Squalane is a derivative of a natural oily substance our skin already makes, making it the perfect candidate for skincare products. Amyris, a developer of sustainable solutions, found in a study that sugarcane squalane improves the efficacy and delivery of CBD 10–40 times more than other carrier oils. In short, if more CBD can make it to the levels of skin where it’s needed and go to work, the more results you’ll see.

Regardless of what’s going on in the news, it’s more important than ever to make you and your family’s health a priority. Be sure to check out our other resources and bits of CBD education, such as how CBD will make you feel, what to know before you shop for CBD online, as well as the best CBD products on the market. We hope to see you right back here on Direct CBD Online in April with some even better news. Stay tuned, and stay safe!

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