June 2020 Quick Hits

June 2020 Quick Hits

The peak of summer is almost here — we hope you’re enjoying it with your friends, family, and pets. Do us a favor… after reading this, take some time to relax and reflect. Try to set a new health or wellness goal for this upcoming month. It can be small or more challenging. We’ll check back in with you here on Direct CBD Online at the end of July. For now, here’s all the trending news from the CBD industry that you need to know.

CBD Liver Study to Inform FDA Regulation Gains Support for Deployment Next Month

The study, supposed to run earlier this year, will be led by a Colorado-based firm that conducts clinical and market intelligence research for the hemp and healthcare industries. Now running from July through September, the study will involve roughly 1,000 participants — made up of consumers of a variety of brands. Participants will be provided with specific CBD products to use daily in this “unique study,” in which their liver toxicity levels will be monitored. Brands involved include CBDistillery, Charlotte’s Web, Kannaway, and others.

Former NBA Star Isiah Thomas Appointed CEO of CBD Firm That Cultivates in Colombia

Hall of Famer Isiah Thomas is now the CEO of One World Pharma, a U.S.-based company that grows hemp and marijuana in Colombia. One World’s U.S. headquarters are in Las Vegas. The company has not only spent a significant amount of time finding its roots in Colombia, but also creating relationships and sharing educational opportunities for indigenous farmers.

Why Nico Marley Wants You to Use CBD to Naturally Boost Your Wellness

Nico Marley’s name probably sticks out to you. Yes, he’s the grandson of music legend, Bob Marley. Marley was a former footballer at Tulane University and is currently signed with the Washington Redskins. So, he knows a thing or two about health and wellness, as well as what cannabis can do in terms of helping athletes and other individuals make strides toward their goals.

Beyond this, however, a crucial part of Marley’s mission with his minority-owned and operated CBD business, Lion X, stems from his family history of using cannabis and hemp in a spiritual manner. He believes addressing our personal and spiritual health — often made easier with hemp products — can help us better serve our communities during both a pandemic and the current social climate.

Cannabis & COVID-19: Breaking News or Bogus Science?

Throughout the pandemic, you’ve likely read tons of content regarding treatment options and preventative measures. But don’t be fooled — there’s plenty of misinformation out there, including those that mention cannabis. The article linked above highlights the importance of reading material from vetted sources, like legitimate medical journals.

We talked a bit about CBD and whether or not it can boost your immunity on our blog. Honestly, the best thing you can do throughout this pandemic is to address your health and take it seriously. Get enough sleep, get some exercise, wash your hands, try to eat a balanced diet, and wear a mask. More health tips are also available on our podcast episode with nurse practitioner, Cynthia Thurlow.

Thanks for joining us on Direct CBD Online for another roundup of industry news. Until next month, we hope you enjoy working on your health and wellness goal(s) — live well, and be well!

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