How to Use Topical CBD for Pets

How to Use Topical CBD for Pets

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Haven’t tried CBD for your pets yet? Looking for a different administration method? CBD for pets offers a host of benefits, many of which are very similar to the benefits it offers us as humans. If you’re thinking of CBD skincare, you’re on the right track. In fact, topical CBD for pets can address skin ailments and injuries with care and ease.

How topical CBD can help pets

Besides being easier to administer — in most cases, that is — topical CBD can resolve skin-specific issues. As you may know, CBD has also been shown to be effective in cases of separation anxiety in pets, as well as for seizures in dogs. CBD can also prove helpful for many of the same reasons in cats.

If your cat, dog, or horse is experiencing skin irritation or other concerning symptoms that persist, CBD may help, sure. However, it’s far more crucial to seek the care of a veterinary professional before trying to treat the problem all on your own. With your vet’s OK, you’ll likely find an effective, affordable product.

Skin conditions

So, how exactly does CBD help resolve skin issues? Well, hemp oil in itself contains fatty acids that calm inflammation and promote new cell growth. Furthermore, CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties also make it a worthwhile therapy for other types of irritation, such as scrapes, rashes, dry or itchy skin, hot spots, and more. Both CBD and other ingredients often found in topicals also play important antibacterial roles to limit and resolve any infections.

Ease of application

Applying CBD directly to spots of concern rather than applying it to the food of picky eaters or trying to give it to your pet in his or her mouth may prove it a bit easier on you, too. If you’re wondering how topicals work on some types of fur or if they’re “lick safe,” we’ve provided our favorite product suggestions below. Of course, every option is safe for pets and backed by third-party labs. You can access the test results of every product under the lab results and analysis tab on its respective page.

Our favorite topical products for pets

If you’re thinking that topical CBD may be right for your pet, but aren’t sure where to begin while shopping, here are a few of our favorites.

  • Kat’s Naturals Pet Care Drops: To use this product as a topical, you simply 3-5 drops to the venous area (furless area of the ear flap) of your pet. It’s advised to switch ears each time you administer drops. To prevent excess build-up, use ear cleaner or ear wash and cotton balls or wipes between doses. This product would be helpful for irritation that may occur inside the ears or to help calm your pet.
  • Mary’s Nutritionals Whole Pet Buddy Balm: This balm is formulated to address a variety of your pet’s skin problems including dry skin, a cracked nose or paws, and surface wounds.
  • Joyful Bath Co Pet Balm: This balm is great for skin issues and stress. Simply massage a small amount onto their skin to help soothe or dab inside their ear to help calm them.
  • (A good introductory product) Koi Naturals 100% Natural CBD Pet Spray: Designed to be easy to take with you wherever you go and for simplicity of use, Koi Naturals CBD Pet Spray for Pets is one of the most potent CBD solutions for pets. However, please note, it’s recommended to use this product as a food additive or administer by spraying this into your pet’s mouth.

Looking for more products? See all CBD for Pets.

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