How Does Delta 9 Make You Feel?

How Does Delta 9 Make You Feel?

Delta 9 might be an unfamiliar term, but it’s a compound that has been around for a long time. First discovered and isolated by Raphael Mechoulam in 1964, delta 9 is the primary psychoactive cannabinoid found in cannabis. 

Delta 9 and THC are often referred to interchangeably. It is not surprising since Delta 9 or (−)-trans-Δ9-Tetrahydrocannabinol is a variant of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol). It is THC’s main form when the cannabis plant is subjected to heat. 

You can find a variety of THC products in the form of gummies, oils, edibles, capsules, and topicals. 

Aside from the obvious (that Delta 9 makes you high), Delta 9 may have other effects common folks might not know. Those effects and more are what we are about to discuss. 

How Does Delta 9 Make You Feel?

Here are some of the apparent effects of Delta 9, but not all of them will be experienced by everyone to exactly the same degree.

Feel-Good High

The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) explains: Delta 9 indirectly activates the brain’s reward system. The result? A flood of neurotransmitters like dopamine and ‘bliss-molecules’ such as anandamide induces a feel-good high. 

Feelings of Relaxation

Nearly half of cannabis users’ goal for consuming THC is to relax. 

“We found that THC at low doses reduced stress,” Emma Childs, an author of a study from the University of Illinois at Chicago said in a press release. She added that higher amounts can increase anxiety in some people though, so be sure to start slow if you’re new to THC.

Gives the “Munchies”

Marijuana use is popularly tied with “the munchies.” By partially binding to a type of receptor in the human endocannabinoid system, THC increases appetite. This can be helpful for people who are prone to upset stomachs.

Note: The endocannabinoid system is a biological system that helps regulate key bodily functions. Research suggests that the endocannabinoid system may support energy, appetite stimulation, and more. 

Improved Sleep

THC appears to improve sleep in certain cases. Due to the combination of its relaxing qualities and easing of physical discomforts, THC may ease them to sleep faster at night.

It’s important to note that research about THC improving sleep is still developing. THC might help with sleep when used occasionally, although researchers are still trying to find out THC’s effect when used long-term. 

Soothing Physical Discomforts

THC’s activity in the nervous system is still being researched, but it seems to support the immune response and the pain response in ways that help relieve physical discomfort.

The high that THC provides helps lull discomforts as well. “A little bit of euphoria can help us not care that we’re experiencing quite as much pain,” says Angela D. Bryan, professor of psychology and neuroscience at the University of Colorado Boulder. 

Factors That Affect How Delta 9 THC Makes You Feel 


“Potency” is the amount of compound present in a product. The stronger the potency, the more evident the compound’s effects will be. 

A general rule: Around 5 mg of THC is normally enough for an average person with low to medium tolerance to the compound. 

Seasoned users take up as much as 40 mg of THC or higher per day. 


Most users report a rapid onset of THC effects via smoking delta-9 products. Sometimes, it would be just a matter of seconds or minutes. Effects were reported to last for about two hours for most users.

Second to the inhalation type of consumption, tinctures taken sublingually deliver their effects within 10 to 30 minutes. The next wave would be felt after an hour or two for most users.

Gummies and other edibles have a slower onset time. Most users report the effects to start getting more evident within 45 minutes to an hour. Others will feel nothing for two to three hours after consumption. The effects, however, last as long as 6  to 10 hours for most users.


Men and women have different physiologies, and their bodies may react differently to cannabinoids. 

Higher cannabinoid consumption in men seems to have a stronger impact on appetite, according to research. A 2013 study showed that THC reacts with ghrelin, an appetite-increasing hormone, a reaction that is stronger in men than women. 

In contrast, women experience better physical comfort, increased motor activity, and increased sexual behavior.


As with any psychoactive compound, everyone has a different tolerance level. This is dependent on several factors such as unique body chemistry, gender, and more.

A study done on animals showed that female mice are more likely to develop a tolerance for Delta-9 THC than male mice.

Females experience higher sensitivity during ovulation. This is due to a spike in estrogen levels. 

Does Full Spectrum CBD Contain Delta-9 THC?

There are three types of CBD extracts — isolate, broad spectrum, and full spectrum.

Isolate is the purest form of CBD extract. It has no other compounds from the cannabis plant except CBD. Meanwhile, broad spectrum has most of the compounds extracted from the cannabis plant except THC. Finally, full spectrum CBD contains multiple cannabinoids (including Delta 9 THC), terpenes, and flavonoids. 

Full-spectrum CBD is the best type of product to consume if aside from Delta 9 THC you want the added benefits of the additional cannabis ingredients. 

Best Delta 9 THC Products 

Want to add Delta 9 THC products to your daily routine? Here are some of the top products infused with premium quality Delta 9 THC to give you an elated yet relaxing feeling: 

cbdMD delta 9 thc microdose softgel capsules 1mg - Direct CBD Online

1. Delta 9 THC Capsules – Microdose

Don’t want to take a high dose of Delta-9 THC? Delta 9 THC capsule – Microdose is created for people with low dose requirements. 

Why Is It Worth a Try?

Aside from its low THC dose convenience, the addition of MCT oils, vitamin E, glycerin, and water binds Delta 9 THC together, increasing its benefits. 

cbdMD delta 9 thc gummies cherry 10 mg with gummies outside of it - Direct CBD Online

2. Delta 9 THC Gummies – Cherry 

Give yourself the best premium-quality Delta 9 THC you deserve topped with sweet cherry flavor with the Delta 9 THC Gummies – Cherry

Why Is It Worth a Try?

The delicious, sugar-coated gummies contain federally legal hemp extracts of 10 mg THC and minor cannabinoids. 

These gummies’ moderate THC dosage is ideal for both beginners and seasoned users. 

cbdMD delta 9 thc gummies blue razz 10 mg - Direct CBD Online

3. Delta 9 THC Gummies – Blue Razz

Are you looking for delicious gummies infused with Delta 9 THC to add the wonder ingredient to your daily life? The Delta 9 THC Gummies – Blue Razz might be what you need to try. 

Why Is It Worth a Try?

These delicious gummies are specifically designed to promote peace and relaxation in your body. The blue jazz flavor is formulated using natural flavors only. Each sugar-coated gummy contains 10 mg of Delta-9 THC to boost your mood and feel elated. 

The best part about these gummies is that they are compliant with U.S. federal laws. Users are required to be 21 years or older to consume these gummies legally. The results of these gummies may last for up to six hours. 

Delta 9 THC Summary

Delta 9 THC is the most common variant of THC used for its several benefits but mostly for its psychoactive properties. However, in the U.S., it is only legal if the THC percentage is less than 0.3. 

With the many Delta 9 THC products on the market, it is becoming apparent that people are starting to discover Delta 9’s wonders. 

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