CBD Infused Food: Products We Love

CBD Infused Food: Products We Love

A healthy, nutrient-dense diet is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself. Creating recipes and finding the right ingredients that suit your body best can be challenging yet exciting. However, if you find CBD is already a great addition to your wellness routine, or you’re curious about it, CBD-infused food may be perfect for you.

Why shop CBD-infused food?

One of the most obvious reasons you may become a fast fan of CBD-infused food if you’ve never bought or made any is the ease of delivery. What does “ease of delivery” mean? We’re not talking about CBD making it to your home. Rather, how your body takes it processes it. You may also be interested in the benefits of water-soluble CBD, particularly for bioavailability.

After consulting your physician, you may feel as though CBD can benefit you. However, swallowing a mouthful of oil may not sound very appetizing. Though taking CBD sublingually is great for bioavailability, it’s not always most appealing. Infusing CBD into food instead can remove any unwanted tastes or textures and still offer desired effects. Be advised that ingesting CBD with food may take longer for it to kick in, since your body’s digestive system has to go to work.

That being said, there are plenty of delicious, flavored oils to shop from. These oils can also double as ingredients in your own recipes. Eating food that has CBD in it rather than taking an additional supplement can help it feel like more of a treat and a special part of your routine. Furthermore, if your stomach is sensitive at all, taking CBD with food may not be such a bad idea.

Ready-to-eat options

If the idea of cooking or baking with CBD sounds too intimidating right now, don’t worry, there are other options out there. Buying CBD edibles is a quick and easy way to incorporate CBD-infused food into you and your family’s routine. Shop from a wide variety such as:

You may also be interested in CBD beverages, or, perhaps you’re ready to dive into some CBD cocktail and mocktail recipes. You can shop from ready-to-drink (or mix) options such as:

Products to use in your own recipes

It’s likely that you already have plenty of recipes in your cabinet that would work well with CBD infusions. However, for more inspiration and guidance for how much CBD to include, we love these CBD recipe ideas from Premium Jane. You may also like these suggestions from Boston Magazine.

As you’ll see, CBD works well in a variety of things, from craft lattes to baked goods, salad dressings, and even guac! Wondering what CBD products would get you going in the right direction for these CBD recipes and more? Here are some of our favorite products for CBD recipe creation:

Happy eating!

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