April 2020 Quick Hits

April 2020 Quick Hits

If you thought it was a long March, perhaps you agree that April flew by. We hope you’re all staying safe and healthy and are as excited as we are for some normalcy. As always, we have a monthly roundup of news for you from the industry, right here on Direct CBD Online.

CBD Helps Carson Palmer in Life After NFL

Maybe you can relate to Carson Palmer’s renewed commitment to fitness since protective measures for COVID-19 began. Of course, after picking up lifting or any significant training routine after some time off, it’ll likely leave even the healthiest a bit sore. Palmer, who retired two years ago, is now a 40-year-old father of four and an avid CBD user. He mainly reaches for topical creams to address aches and pains so he can keep doing what he loves — moving. Palmer is also hopeful for the sports community at large, believing that time away from formal training will inspire athletes to really figure out where they want to improve.

First of Its Kind Study on the Effect of Topical CBD on NCAA Student-Athletes

Continuing our angle on athletes, an exciting study is in the works among partners at Northern Illinois University and the University of Wisconsin. The study will serve as a crucial foundation for the treatment of young athletes worldwide. Of course, the study is temporarily on pause per the CDC and COVID measures. The therapy being developed is also topical, and will hopefully provide significant pain relief (without any presence of THC) for young athletes and families. More importantly, topical pain relief via CBD is becoming a popular potential alternative to harsher, even addictive opiates or NSAIDs. As you may know, this isn’t the first study that has shown this. Check out Can CBD and Natural Pain-Relievers Work for Me?

Doctor Answers: Are Cannabis Users More at Risk for COVID-19? 

Though the focus of the above article is on cannabis, it lends some important insight into CBD. According to Junella Chin, MD, CBD can be a powerful anti-inflammatory. One of the key risks of morbidity from COVID is the presence of an underlying condition. Many of these underlying conditions are due to inflammation. These conditions include diabetes or aches and pains that bar patients from pursuing a healthier lifestyle. So, if your physician agrees that CBD can be a safe source of pain relief for you, you’re more able to address any other health concerns that often come from inactivity. And, furthermore, Dr. Chin credits CBD for its antiviral and antibacterial properties. It may not be a bad idea to keep a few products in your health and cleaning arsenal, such as CBD sanitizing spray and other similar items. You may also be interested in Does CBD Help Your Immune System?

That about covers the top news from the CBD industry. Thanks for joining us! In case you haven’t heard… our CEO started a podcast — Live Well. Be Well.

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