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About SurityPro

Direct CBD Online is proud to serve as the exclusive third-party seller of SurityPro — the next generation of pet products from Canopy Growth. SurityPro is backed by science and industry-leading pet CBD research completed by veterinarians, scientists, and leading academic institutions. The result is a line of best-in-class CBD products to help all pets feel best in show, and live their best lives.

In fact, the Canopy Animal Health branch is considered #1 in pet research and has completed 25 studies and counting. This makes their lines the most comprehensively researched pet CBD products on the market. Their hemp is broad-spectrum, THC-free, US-grown, and has a quality seal from the National Animal Supplement Council.

About SurityPro Products

SurityPro’s products are specifically formulated to help support joint health and balanced behavior in dogs. Surity thoroughly tests all their ingredients and practices responsible sourcing.

To help you better determine which product your best pal can benefit from, Surity offers a few different lines: Active, Calm, Healthy Aging, and Multi. They also offer Well Drops.

Active supports your dog’s joint flexibility and mobility. Calm supports your dog’s ability to cope with everyday stress. Healthy Aging enhances your aging dog’s physical and mental well-being. Finally, Multi helps your dog maintain joint health and cope with everyday stress — the best of both worlds.

In addition, Surity’s Well Drops address your pet’s overall wellness every day. They even feature mouth-watering flavors for your pet. So, each dose feels like more of a treat. This includes Smoky Bacon, Creamy Peanut Butter, and Roasted Chicken. There is also an Unflavored option.