Why Use Hemp Beauty Products

Why Use Hemp Beauty Products

If you’re interested in beauty and skincare products, you’ve probably noticed an increase in hemp as an ingredient in a wide variety of products. Hair, face, and body care products can all contain hemp, which may help these parts of your body in a wide variety of ways.

And, with the passing of the Farm Bill, CBD is making its way into beauty products as well! Here are some of the reasons why you should use CBD and hemp beauty products to get healthy hair and skin.

Why Use Hemp Beauty Products?

Hemp oil, a common ingredient in beauty products today, has been used for centuries to help relieve dry skin and help with skin issues such as eczema and psoriasis.

Hemp oil contains essential fatty acids, which are great for smoothing and firming your skin by improving the skin’s ability to retain moisture levels and overall cell structure.

Vitamin E, vitamin C, and vitamin B6 are also abundant in hemp oil. These skin-friendly vitamins encourage healthy skin growth and brighter, more elastic skin. And the key amino acids found in hemp oil help your skin generate collagen, which helps keep skin looking young and fresh.

The nutrients in hemp oil are also extremely beneficial to hair. It helps strengthen hair, which prevents split ends and keeps color vibrant. The zinc found in hemp oil also helps the hair follicle retain its strength, which can help prevent hair loss. And once your hair loss has been helped, hemp oil helps your hair create keratin for stronger, more resilient hair.


CBD and Skincare

So, we know that hemp oil provides a lot of great benefits to our skincare products. But what does CBD bring to the table?

CBD is potentially anti-inflammatory and pain-killing, which makes it a great option for painful, inflamed acne. In addition, studies show that CBD helps stop breakouts by regulating oil production, which helps prevent the oil-blocked pores that can lead to acne.

Similarly, these properties of CBD are great for uncomfortable skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema, too. Users have also credited CBD to be an excellent moisturizer and soothing agent.

For those who want to avoid the side effects of the prescription treatments often given for these ailments, CBD may be a great natural alternative. Just make sure to check with your doctor about using CBD to make sure you won’t have any interactions with other medications or skin treatments.

How to treat yourself to a spa day at home

Wondering how to incorporate CBD products into your skin- or self-care routine? Consider a few unique and luxurious suggestions, found right here on Direct CBD Online!

As always, consult your dermatologist or physician before taking treatment into your own hands, especially if you have a diagnosed condition. While you may have success with CBD products, you should never mix or replace prescription topicals without permission. See a medical professional if you experience worsening breakouts or believe you are experiencing an allergic reaction from any new topicals you try — CBD or not.

You should aim to incorporate products mindfully and gradually into your routine to help put your best face — and hands, and feet, and elbows and knees — forward!

If you don’t have any medical concerns with your skin but want to keep it looking healthy, CBD beauty products can still be a great choice! CBD lotions and balms will moisturize your skin with the added benefit of reducing any everyday aches and pains – and they smell better than a lot of other pain-reducing creams on the market, too!

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