Why CBD Is So Popular

Why CBD Is So Popular

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Love it, hate it, or not know much about it, CBD is everywhere. You may wonder why CBD is so popular, and there are a variety of reasons. If you don’t know what CBD can do firsthand, perhaps it’s time you explore some products. Not all CBD is created equal, however, so be sure that you’re browsing the best until you find what makes the most sense for you. For its potential as internal medicine, as well as its external effects, here’s why this newest un-fad is so in.

Let’s face it: Health has always been “in”

People want to stay healthy, and they want products and supplements to help them get there. So, when CBD entered the market as a “new,” exciting, versatile option, it’s no wonder everyone paid attention. What also makes CBD even more powerful in this age is the prevalence of reviews and word-of-mouth. When people find a product that works for them, they rarely hesitate to share this positivity with others. Therefore, CBD customers are CBD advocates without even trying.[/vc_column_text]



CBD as internal medicine (and as a subject of study)

As we’ve mentioned prior on our blog, there are plenty of ongoing studies regarding CBD and how it can work as internal medicine. This is a key reason why CBD is so popular among the academic medical community. However, it takes due time and mountains of evidence to confirm CBD — or anything — as a safe and effective treatment modality. Since CBD was first isolated decades ago, studies involving it are nothing new. There have been conclusive trials since the hemp market’s expansion, however.

CBD can address symptoms (not necessarily treat) of ailments such as, but not limited to:

It’s showing (glowing) benefits for skin

If you haven’t done much research on CBD skincare, let us be the first to inform you. When compared to other conditions, CBD has perhaps the most apparent benefits for skin — with arguably way less risk. So, what skin concerns can CBD address?

  • Injury or ailment-related concerns: CBD, in conjunction with other ingredients, can serve as an antibacterial and soothe burns, wounds, rashes, and more. Of course, not only can CBD help humans with these issues, but also pets.
  • Dull or dry skin: Hemp oil in itself contains an omega-6 fatty acid, which calms inflammation while promoting new cell growth.
  • Aging skin: Due to acids naturally found in hemp oil, CBD can’t necessarily “reverse” aging, but it can work wonders to revitalize your skin and bring your inner radiance out. This is the case for many plant oils.
  • Acne or imbalanced skin: According to a 2014 study, CBD helped lower the body’s production of sebum as well as reduce inflammation.
  • Itchy or irritated skin: According to research in Current Clinical Pharmacology, CBD may lessen symptoms in people with psoriasis. CBD also showed promise for treating chronic pruritus, or excessive itching.

Hey. It’s us. Thanks for reading about why CBD is so popular. Do you know what we’re about to say? Here goes — please consult your physician before adding CBD to your care regimen. Though topicals have less potential of giving you an adverse reaction, you should still make the most informed choices you can. If you have concerning symptoms that persist, including skin reactions, see a physician for the best advice and appropriate treatment.

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