Where Can I Buy Delta-8?

Where Can I Buy Delta-8?

It’s no secret that we love CBD here. It’s an amazing compound that has a growing list of benefits and uses. If you’re struggling to find the right CBD product for you, perhaps it’s time to expand your horizons a bit. Maybe our recent blog about how Delta-8 relates to CBD grabbed your attention — and, in case you missed it, we’ll recap that below. And, if you’re wondering, “where can I buy delta-8?” of course, we’ve got you!

Recap: Why delta-8 is exciting

Delta-8, or d8, as we sometimes refer to it, also comes from Cannabis sativa, or the hemp plant. Like CBD, delta-8 varies enough from THC that it’s considered something entirely different. However, chemically speaking, the two are almost identical. Unlike CBD, delta-8 is considered psychoactive or psychotropic, like delta-9 THC.

So, this means that delta-8 produces its own unique high. It’s reported by users to be milder and relaxing, as well as uplifting. Delta-8 also supposedly offers other benefits to recreational users, though it’s also being studied in more potent doses in the medical field, particularly by the National Cancer Institute. Some other potential benefits include the following.

  • Reduces or combats anxiety
  • Limits or eliminates nausea
  • Appetite-stimulating (though some users report the opposite effects)
  • Full-body relaxation
  • May help libido issues
  • Helps people with TBIs (traumatic brain injuries)
  • Soothes hangovers

So, delta-8 sounds pretty great, right? But why would you want to pick delta-8 over CBD? Well, if you compare CBD, delta-8, and THC on a spectrum, CBD is the mildest. If you’ve been patient with CBD for quite some time and have not found results, or a healthcare professional recommends something a little bit stronger, this is where delta-8 comes in. And, beyond that, THC may be the solution — but that’s out of our scope, here.

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Yes, delta-8 is legal

We’ve talked a lot about the 2018 Farm Bill on Direct CBD Online. The same bill that made hemp products and CBD federally legal also applies to delta-8. This has to do with how delta-8 is produced. Delta-8 exists in the hemp plant in very small quantities. However, with sophisticated isolation and breeding processes, it’s now possible to extract enough delta-8 from CBD and related content to actually accomplish some things with it.

Shop delta-8 now

Now you know a little bit more about delta-8’s benefits and, perhaps the biggest benefit of all — it’s legal! So, you ask, “where can I buy delta-8?” Look no further than dd8shop.com. Direct Delta 8 shares the same values that we do on Direct CBD Online. Not only should you expect safe, high-quality delta-8 products at affordable prices, but you should also expect to be excited about the entire shopping and service experience. We hope you find everything that you’re looking for and more!

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