What Are the Benefits of Water Soluble CBD Oil?

What Are the Benefits of Water Soluble CBD Oil?

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]If you’re a skeptic that CBD can be enjoyable and effective, or you think you’ve tried every product out there, consider giving water-soluble CBD a second look. What is water-soluble CBD, you may ask? Furthermore, what are the benefits of water-soluble CBD oil?

Water-soluble CBD is typically found in oil form. Instead of beading up and not mixing into water, beverages, and other liquids, it dissolves. Water-soluble CBD is possible with the science of nanotechnology. Sound like magic? It kinda is. We’ll discuss why this might become your new favorite way to take CBD.



Ease of use and taste

Water-soluble CBD is incredibly easy to incorporate into your daily routine. Since this CBD formulation dissolves in plain water, it’s meant to be flavorless. Some people don’t enjoy taking tinctures, sprays, or even edibles. If you have difficulty swallowing capsules, you may also find a favorite in water-soluble CBD.

Think about all the possibilities of water-soluble CBD. If it can be added to something as plain as water, imagine what else you can incorporate it into. Sure, some flavored tinctures may work well in fancy beverages; however, buying one bottle of water-soluble CBD is multifunctional. You can continue experimenting with it until you find your preferred serving method.

Better absorption

When it comes to taking CBD and other supplements, there is an important notion of bioavailability. What is bioavailability, you may ask? Bioavailability is how effectively your body can absorb and process a substance. If a substance has low bioavailability, it means your body isn’t able to really use much of it.

The bioavailability of some CBD products can be quite low, specifically edibles. Think about it, your body must first digest the edible to get the CBD inside it. This is why other bodily processes, such as your metabolism, play a role in absorption rates. Furthermore, it has also been determined that the sublingual or oral delivery method of CBD helps you to feel effects the quickest. Taking CBD sublingually can already increase bioavailability by as much as 20%. Since your body is mostly water, water-soluble CBD products instead work with your body, instead of against it.


How can choosing water-soluble CBD save you money? It comes back to the previous section about bioavailability. When you try water-soluble CBD, consider taking a smaller serving. You may find that less CBD has more of an effect because your body is using it better.

Buying one type of CBD to fit your needs is not only cost-effective, but it can still be fun. Get creative with seasonal beverage recipes to keep things interesting. And, if you’re pressed for time in the morning, you can always keep the bottle with you and add CBD as the final touch to your artisanal coffee or tea from the road. If you think a bottle doesn’t sound portable, there are also single-serve packets of water-soluble CBD available.

Available in several varieties

As water-soluble CBD grows in popularity, it should become more widely available. For now, there are already a variety of water-soluble products right here on Direct CBD Online. Some of them are unflavored and welcome more creativity, while others do the work for you. Many water-soluble CBD products are much like powdered drink mixes you’re already familiar with.

As always, consult your physician before adding CBD into your regimen. If you’re trying a new brand, variety, or higher strength for the first time, keep him or her in the loop, too. This will ensure that everything in your body and everything you put in your body is all working together as it should.

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