Understanding CBD Crystals and Their Uses

Understanding CBD Crystals and Their Uses

Have you heard or seen someone talking about CBD crystals? If you, like many people, didn’t want to ask for clarification or forgot to look it up — don’t worry. We’re here to explain what CBD crystals are as well as some of their many uses.

What are CBD crystals?

CBD crystals are exactly that — crystalized CBD that can have a wide variety of uses and benefits. Crystalized CBD is often more potent than other alternatives since the extract doesn’t have to be in any sort of carrier oil or other substance. That being said, CBD crystals or CBD isolate powder may run on the more expensive side. However, you can use much less of the product and truly customize it to fit your needs. At the end of the day, this can be invaluable to your CBD journey. In fact, CBD crystals may be the perfect CBD product for you.

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CBD crystals for cooking and edible creations

Crystals are the preferred choice of creatives out there. Though it’s easy to cook, bake, and mix drinks with other forms of CBD, like tinctures and oils, you may prefer crystals. It all depends on the potency as well as the consistency you’re going for. CBD crystals are also predominantly flavorless and odorless, while many tinctures and oils are not. Similar items you may be interested in include CBD drink mixes, like those from HOLISTIK™ Wellness, as well as CBD protein powders and hydration powders from BioSteel. If you’re wanting to learn more about water-soluble CBD, that’s another great product. However, it’s a little bit different than crystals.

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CBD crystals for topicals

Crystals for topicals may be a bit trickier, depending on the formula you’re working with. You can create CBD topicals from scratch or even use crystals or isolate powder to add a boost of CBD to products you already love — that’s the beauty of it! For example, you may have sensitive skin or a holy grail product that you don’t want to swap for something else. However, that product (and your skin, joints, whatever) may benefit from the added bonus of CBD.

Keep in mind, of course, that crystals may alter the formula of whatever you’re working with and make it drier or less easy to apply. You may have to supplement your recipe with another oil, like a non-comedogenic option (meaning it won’t clog pores) if you’re applying it to your skin, especially your face.

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Shop for total-body wellness

Whether you decide to buy CBD crystals or CBD isolate powder to create something edible or topical, you can rest assured you’re reaping benefits for total-body wellness. Targeting problem areas with CBD — whether it’s skin concerns, muscle and joint paint, or even digestive upset or something general like sleep — can leave you feeling more like the you you want to be. Of course, consult your healthcare provider prior to adding CBD to your routine to ensure you won’t have any interactions.

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