The Best Lazarus Naturals CBD Products for 2024

The Best Lazarus Naturals CBD Products for 2024

The current wellness market is packed full of CBD products. Whether you go to your wellness edibles or topical treatments, you will find CBD in the ingredients list. One of the few brands that have made a prominent name in the wellness industry is Lazarus Naturals. Why and how? This is exactly what we are going to talk about in this article. 

About Lazarus Naturals

Started in 2014 by Sequoia Price-Lazarus, the brand Lazarus Naturals has become a renowned name in the CBD market. Along with his team; he aimed to provide high-quality yet affordable health and wellness products infused with CBD to the public. 

Lazarus Naturals also believe in transparency. Their organically grown hemp and other premium quality ingredients are listed on the label. In addition, all their products are exclusively tested by third parties to give you exact potency, dosage, and contaminants. 

Why Choose Lazarus Naturals?

Here is why you need to check out Lazarus Naturals: 

Organic Hemp 

Lazarus Naturals grow their hemp organically in closely monitored farms. They aim to provide the highest quality, non-GMO hemp extracts to their customers for better mental and physical health. 

The rest of their ingredients are also high quality to create specialty blends. The head of the company keeps track of all the production steps to make sure customers are receiving the best quality products. 

Third-Party Tested

All the products at Lazarus Naturals are third-party tested. It means the potency and dosage mentioned on the product are 100% transparent. The brand focuses on consistency and sustainability. 

From the source of their products to the end result, everything is transparent. Lazarus Naturals focuses on improving its products to provide better health and wellness solutions to its customers. 


Because of their high-quality ingredients, Lazarus Naturals has received USDA Organic, Leaping Bunny, and B Corp certifications. This means their products can be trusted and used without the fear of any side effects. 

These certifications show the brand’s commitment to quality and transparency while keeping the customers satisfied with their purchases.  


Since the start, the main goal behind the company was providing the public with premium quality health and wellness products at an affordable rate.

To this day, they provide the most reasonable price in the market without compromising on the quality of the product. 

The Best Lazarus Naturals Products for 2024 

We have compiled a list of the ten best Lazarus Natural Products for 2022 that can add zen to your life: 

1. Classic High Potency CBD Oil Tincture

This Full Spectrum, High Potency CBD Oil Tincture is one of the brand’s best-selling CBD products. It is ideal for seasoned CBD users who want to increase the potency of their dose.

This tincture is genuine and earthy, without added flavor or ingredients. Full Spectrum CBD is known to deliver an entourage effect that you can achieve with this oil. It is formulated by professionals to promote healing, relaxation, and ease of mind. 

The product contains 50 mg of CBD per ml, which is quite a high potency. It uses raw ingredients like Organic hemp seed, coconut oil, and Organic Full Spectrum Hemp Extract. 

It is available in 4 flavors; Classic, Chocolate mint, Yuzu, and French Vanilla Mocha. You can get them in the range of 15ml to 120ml per bottle. However, if you are a beginner, you need to start with a lower potency. 

2. Blood Orange High Potency CBD Oil Tincture

The Blood Orange CBD Oil Tincture with high potency CBD supplies the much-needed productivity with a splash of citrus. The best part about this CBD oil is that it is THC-free. 

Most CBD Tinctures have no added flavor and hence contain the natural flavor of Hemp. Lazarus Naturals eliminates that problem by introducing flavor-forward tinctures for its customers to enjoy the benefits of CBD Tinctures without the taste of Hemp. 

This oil can be a versatile addition to your recipes and beverages. Each ml of the blood orange CBD oil contains 50 mg of CBD. 

It uses naturally derived flavors and has meager amounts of fat. There are three flavors available to choose from; flavorless, blood orange, and winter mint. The serving size ranges from 15ml to 60ml.

3. Full Spectrum CBD Coconut Oil

This Full Spectrum CBD Coconut Oil is a must-have for every wellness enthusiast. It is a practical and versatile product that uses 100% natural ingredients to deliver high-quality CBD to you. This organic blend of Hemp-extract and Coconut oil can be used topically or consumed orally. 

The product is ready to use, straight from the jar and onto the skin. This CBD Coconut Oil makes it easier for you to incorporate CBD in different, exciting recipes. 

One tablespoon of CBD Coconut Oil contains 133 mg of full-spectrum CBD. It contains organic ingredients like hemp extract, coconut oil, and tree nuts to elevate your experience. It is available in 50 g and 200 g with 500 mg and 2000 mg of CBD in its serving.

4. Muscle Gel: Relief & Recovery

Lazarus Naturals Muscle Gel - Relief & Recovery is effective, quick to absorb, and made to work as hard as you do. Plus, it takes no room in your gym bag. Functional ingredients like menthol and capsaicin team up with the high potency, full-spectrum CBD to deliver sustained relief that goes the distance. Ease sore muscles, fight inflammation, and eliminate tension with targeted support—perfect for recovery from intense workouts and demanding days.


Lazarus Naturals is a trusted brand in the CBD industry because of its high-quality hemp-extracted CBD. Their products are not only premium quality but also very cost-effective. Their dedication to selling the best CBD products lead them to become one of the most prominent names of the wellness market. 

These top products by Lazarus Naturals are a great way to introduce CBD in your life if you haven’t already. Grab your favorite products and experience the wonders of CBD. 

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