QVC worthy CBD products

QVC worthy CBD products

No need to be shameful about it, although it’s cheesy at times, the shopping channel is the grandma of influencer marketing and she’s still there and kicking. While the gift-giving season is approaching, here are the CBD products and brands we think should have their own QVC show!

Why CBD isn’t all over QVC?

As was recently unveiled by OnlyFan’s debacle, most restrictions on controversial products and services are not imposed by state or federal laws but by banks and payment processing companies.

Because of the uncertainty surrounding CBD products, banks consider CBD a high-risk product and some are just not willing to take the risk of jeopardizing their credibility and integrity for it.

This explains why, while it’s been exceeding expectations all over the market, CBD remains very rare on QVC.

But that doesn’t stop us from building a fantasy world where CBD is all over shopping channels!

Martha Gummies

Martha Stewart CBD Wellness Gummies - 15 Flavor Sampler Lifestyle 3

If CBD was going to be on shopping channels, Martha Stewart and her gummies would probably be the first to be invited to present and demonstrate her products. Not only does she have her own line of CBD, but she also has elevated her products to a gourmet experience by replicating the famous french delicacy “Pâtes de Fruits”.

And in her own words:

” Even my banker told me that she’s taken gummies twice a days and it calms her! […] We are making things taste better!” – Martha Stewart on CNBC

She says it best! As a matter of fact, Martha is not a stranger to QVC and has aired a few times to feature other brands she has trademarked.


cbdMD Products

cbdMD is quite the people pleaser! They have an entire brand dedicated to skincare (cbdMD Botanicals), to pets (PawMD), and a wider line dedicated to more mainstream CBD products. It would be hard not to find what you are searching for in their inventory. Moreover, cbdMD’s mission is to set a standard for the extraction, testing, consistency, and manufacturing on the national level.

For those reasons, we could really see cbdMD being featured on QVC and running packages deals. They have all the material and authority to make it a success.

On hard question remains: Which of their athletes would they feature to present the products?

CBD Daily

CBD Daily

CBD Daily’s name is not to be made anymore! Their famous daily intensive cream is a must-have and was even featured by TV’s Dominique Sachse!

This is the brand for all CBD skin everything. Their lane is specifically designed to incorporate CBD into not only your skincare but also your self-care. And if that doesn’t scream shopping channels, we’ll eat our hats!

Kush Queen

Kush Queen CBD Lavender Sugar Scrub - Renew 16oz

Kush Queen is all you need for a chill, relaxing afternoon. They have the perfect product to spend an entire day pampering with maybe a slight background noise (like a shopping channel?). Every detail down to their design is intended to help you unwind. And the best part is? They have twin products for your dog!

Tell us you wouldn’t jump on your phone if Lisa Robertson presented a bath bomb you can use for your and your dog packed with all the benefits of CBD! We won’t believe you!


Check out our other CBD brands and find the ones you would like to see on QVC!

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