October CBD News

October CBD News

This month has been busy for the Hemp industry, especially for legislators. No worries! We’ll bring you up to speed. Here is your update on all the October CBD News you thought you missed!

FDA authorizes first e-cigarette

After the downfall of Juul and other e-cigarettes companies who came under scrutiny a few years ago, this is a huge step toward regulation in the e-cigarettes. This month the FDA announced that they will authorize Vuse’s Solo e-cigarette that showed the company helped smokers significantly reduce their exposure to the harmful chemicals founding traditional cigarettes. The product is not approved by the FDA but this is a first step to making smokable products safer.

This is good news for all other smokable products that are sure to fall in line with the tobacco industry.

Is Delta 8 THC now illegal in Texas and South Carolina?

Delta 8 THC keeps getting the wrath of some legislators and states around the country. In South Carolina, the attorney general positioned himself in opposition to the cannabinoid. Alan Wilson said that it is an isomer of the better-known delta-9 THC that isn’t protected under state and federal hemp laws. He then debated the lawfulness of isomers and added that South Carolina Lawmakers intended the THC exception for Hemp to be narrow.

In Texas, no law has been signed yet, but the Texas Department of Health stood strongly in favor of prohibiting Delta 8. This is putting a lot of scrutiny on the cannabinoid that might end badly for all delta 8 lovers.

As always this section of our news section is to be continued.

New About the USDA’s Research Plan

In its effort to include and encourage hemp farming into its sustainable agriculture fund, the USDA will allocate some funds to universities to research any aspect relevant to Hemp farming and the hemp industry.

The lack of research and supporting studies has been weighing and slowing down the growth of hemp and hemp-derived products. Therefore, the initiative of the USDA comes as great news.

Massachusetts enacts law allowing hemp sales in MJ dispensaries

Massachusetts lawmakers released a new rule for smokable hemp and a list of new instructions for testing to help farmers.

Smokable hemp will now be purchasable at marijuana dispensaries and will need to display the manufacturer name and address, the THC, and CBD concentrations and, a warning that the product “has not been tested, analyzed, or approved by the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources or the FDA.”.

This gives a new direction to hemp regulation, and hopefully model-new regulation around the country.

In other news:

As we expected, 2021 is looking up! But if you find yourself wanting more after the October CBD news, consider looking into our past Direct CBD Online News articles right here.

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