October 2019 Quick Hits

October 2019 Quick Hits

As October comes to a close, it’s time for another news roundup from Direct CBD Online. This month, the top news includes how CBD can potentially offset the effects of THC, why athletes choose CBD as a painkiller, CBD for aging, and CBD beverages on the horizon from Molson Coors.

Molecular Cannabis Study Reveals How CBD Can Offset the Psychiatric Side-Effects of THC

It’s known that strains of cannabis with higher concentrations of THC and low concentrations of CBD cause more psychoactive effects — but not really why. That is, until now. Not familiar with what these psychoactive effects are? Psychoactive effects of THC include paranoia, anxiety, and addictive-behaviors. According to researchers at Western University in Canada, the role that CBD plays in limiting these effects was significant. The study, published in the Journal of Neuroscience, showed that rats given both THC and CBD acted like normal, control rats not given anything.

Lots of Athletes Say CBD Is a Better Painkiller. Is It?

As you may know, in 2017, the World Anti-Doping Agency removed CBD from its list of banned substances. This paved the way for athletes — often battered and bruised on the daily — to pursue CBD as a way to alleviate pain. Professional athletes turned avid CBD proponents include New York Giants receiver Tiki Barber, former Boston Celtic Paul Pierce, and recently retired New England Patriots star Rob Gronkowski. What do these promising results mean? Well, “anecdotal success” is one thing, but scientists still haven’t figured out exactly how or why CBD seems to soothe pain and inflammation.

Cannabis, CBD, and Potentially a Better Way to Age

Baby Boomers and the like are turning to new ways to combat both internal and external indicators of aging in the pursuit of doing so gracefully. At the top of the list is cannabis and its derivative, CBD. The fact is older adults “suffer disproportionately from chronic pain,” and there aren’t many treatment options available. Where the science may lack, patient-reported success is on the rise, especially from the older population with conditions such as arthritis. For example, Papa & Barkley is one of the top-selling brands in California for topical pain relief. The brand was started by Adam Grossman, who was on a mission to provide a natural remedy for his dad’s debilitating back pain.

Molson Coors Sets a Date for CBD Beverages with Partner Hexo

Set to roll in Canada in December, Molson Coors is bringing CBD to a new line of beverages. The line, called Flow Glow, will feature a variety of flavors such as Goji+Grapefruit and Raspberry+Lemon. Molson Coors CBD beverages will provide competition to Fluent Beverage, a cannabis beverage brand combo of Anheuser-Busch InBev and Canada’s Tilray.

So, that’s it for October’s top CBD news! We hope you had fun haunting, tricking, and treating! Catch up with us on the Direct CBD Online blog at the end of November for another roundup.

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