November 2020 Quick Hits

November 2020 Quick Hits

We hope your November was full of thanks and gratitude, if even for just the little things. Let’s also get to the business at hand — what’s happening in the CBD industry. The top news we’ve gathered at Direct CBD Online for the past month includes a study about an increase in CBD use, the FDA putting a priority on cannabinoids, as well as a spotlight on our friends at Papa & Barkley.

Study: During Coronavirus Pandemic, Americans Consumers Turn to CBD for Stress Relief, Wellness

According to research by Chicago-based Anclara with a partnership with Nielsen Global, 20% of consumers have increased their purchase and use of CBD in the past year. Of note, Anclara’s focus group included individuals who are already knowledgeable about cannabis and CBD products — some of them even considering themselves advanced users. Consumers said they turn to CBD or other cannabis products, including marijuana, for both pain relief and anxiety relief. Other health benefits users are seeking include relaxation, sleep, and general wellness.

FDA: Science of CBD and Other Cannabinoids is a ‘Priority’

The priority status was described by Dr. Amy Abernathy, a deputy commissioner of food and drugs and leader of the FDA’s CBD Working Group. She asserts the need to fill knowledge gaps about CBD and cannabinoid wellness as usage continues to grow. The need is also tied to the rising number of available products. But, unfortunately, formal research is lagging. After all, there’s only one FDA-approved cannabis drug — Epidiolex — for seizures. However, little is known about the real risks or benefits of CBD among pregnant or nursing women, for example. In fact, women are perhaps more likely to turn to CBD to address pain, anxiety, and depression.

“Where data gaps are identified, the CBD working group is exploring how additional research can be quickly performed and do so efficiently in order to to address these critical questions of safety and effectiveness of CBD,” Abernathy said.

Podcast: Unlocking the Power of Cannabis to Improve Lives With Guests From Papa & Barkley

If you haven’t gotten familiar with Papa & Barkley yet, you’ll want to. Papa & Barkley’s origin and mission are both nothing short of amazing. Founder Adam Grossman created the first version of the brand’s hero product — the CBD Hemp Infused Balm — at his family’s home with a borrowed CrockPot. The balm was so effective at relieving his father’s debilitating back pain that he was able to get out of bed, leave hospice, and enjoy the remainder of his life.

It’s this same care and determination that Grossman leads his company with today, with the hopes of improving other people’s lives with cannabis. In this podcast episode, you’ll also hear from the expert grower, manufacturer, and cultivator, Guy Rocourt. He too has personal experience with cannabis and pain relief. He even personally helped Montel Williams for a time while he battled MS. However, Papa & Barkley’s work is only beginning. They hope to help lead the way as cannabis and CBD become normalized and the global market grows.

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