July Quick Hits

July Quick Hits

Well, doesn’t look like we are out of the woods yet. But this last month if anything was rich in celebrations and hopefully we all got some well-deserved family time! Now let’s get down with the hemp business from this last month brought to you by yours truly Direct CBD Online!

Delta 8 THC, the rebel of the industry may be disrupting the market

Delta 8 THC might be a grey area of hemp vs. marijuana for now. But the main reason for its success is the similar effects it has to Delta 9 THC. We all like to have a good time, but the novelty and notoriety of D8 have the potential to become a public health and safety hazard.

In addition, marijuana growers are still worried that hemp-derived Delta 8 may be undercutting their profits. For those reasons, lawmakers have been hard at work trying to find a suitable way to regulate psychoactive and nonpsychoactive cannabinoids.

To know how your state regulates Delta 8, check this updated list.

Crunchy Hemp: Canadian firm is working toward a carbon-neutral process

Hexo Corp didn’t stop at bare promises of reducing their CO2 emissions by 2068. They went all in and set a goal to offset the company’s carbon emissions and the personal emissions of some 1,200 employees to become 100% carbon neutral by September. Yes, you read that right, September of 2021!

July Quick hits

By offsetting supporting projects that help rid the planet of pollution, companies have a unique opportunity to take action fast while working on other changes that take more time to put in place.

While the hemp industry naturally gears toward reducing its impact on the environment, not every company is taking such drastic measures. Only time will tell if this is avantgardism or simply a strongly passionate CEO’s work.

Hemp Legislation: Wisconsin and California victim of their leading-edge

Wisconsin’s strict regulations on hemp growing seem to be backfiring. While the interest in hemp growing used to bring in reliable funds every year. The interest seems to have dried out. Hemp-growing registrations in Wisconsin fell by 48% for the 2021 growing season, according to WisPolitics.com. To face this, lawmakers are considering pushing companies to look into hemp fiber.

In California, a new bill allowing the sale of hemp-derived CBD as food, beverages, and dietary supplements, but would ban smokable hemp and relegate Delta 8 THC to marijuana dispensaries is causing its fair chair of trouble. Hemp operators see an obvious opportunity in it to broaden their market. But smokable hemp and D8 producers are understandably worried. It seems though, that the concern of California’s governing body about smokable anything does not allow for much compromise.

In Other News

Kentucky hemp farm sanctioned for shortchanging employees

Hemp farmer David Hunt of Campbellsville was recently heavily sanctioned by the state of the U.S. Department of Labor for shortchanging to pay foreign workers on a temporary visa. Hunt failed to pay prevailing wages, offer the hours promised in worker’s contracts, and reimburse workers for travel expenses they incurred returning to their home countries. Surprisingly, the wages owed to the 46 workers only amounted to $25,905.

Former Molson Coors executive tapped for Charlotte’s Web CFO
Charlotte’s Web Holdings has chosen a former international chief financial officer from Molson Coors as its new CFO.

Kadenwood acquires Social CBD brand and expands national CBD retail footprint

Social CBD is now part of Kadenwood. This effectively expanded Kadenwood’s audience and provided more retail exposure for Social.

Looking for more CBD news?

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