July 2020 Quick Hits

July 2020 Quick Hits

And we’re back! Remember at the end of June when we asked you to set some type of wellness goal? How are you doing? As you reflect on your progress, here are some updates from the CBD industry. If you’d like to brush up on your general CBD education, be sure to check out our info guide right here on Direct CBD Online.

Lazarus Naturals: Up With Potency, Down With Price

Let’s start with the best possible news: you’re going to save even more on one of the industry’s leading brands, Lazarus Naturals. We admire Lazarus Naturals’ ongoing commitment to improving their customers’ lives and their pursuit of innovative ways to do so. How is it possible that they were able to increase potency and lower prices? We could say it was magic, but the article linked above dives into their methodology a bit more.

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How Disney and Other Theme Parks Handle Medical Marijuana and CBD

If you’re planning a trip to one of Disney’s theme parks, Universal, or Six Flags as a mini-vacation during this weird year, you may be wondering about their CBD and medical marijuana policy. If you’re wondering how they accommodate CBD and medical marijuana use, even for those with a prescription — they don’t. You will be denied entry if you try to bring CBD or medical marijuana into the listed parks. And, it’s strongly advised that you avoid sneaking CBD and medical marijuana into the parks. Some people have been prosecuted for having these items once in the park. If CBD is a necessity for you, consider taking a trip to a Busch Gardens’ park or Seaworld instead.

CBG, CBN “Are Coming in a Big Way”

According to the Hemp Industry Daily Conference (HIDC), both CBG and CBN are gaining ground, and fast. CBG, of course, is the preliminary form of CBD, THC, and CBC. CBN, on the other hand, is a derivative of THC. Both CBG and CBN have some similar benefits to CBD, including the fact that they’re anti-inflammatory and have neuroprotective properties. With the rising prevalence of self-care and self-help, too, it seems as though CBD and its family of remedies will continue to trend positively.

FDA Releases Guidelines for Cannabis-Related Research, But CBD Will Have to Wait

So, researchers studying and developing drugs with cannabis now have a clearer idea of the approval process, which mirrors that for all other drugs. But what does this mean for the CBD industry and the safety of CBD products? In short, the official guidelines are still TBA, and we will update you as soon as there’s more information. The FDA is hoping to create a comprehensive framework and “do their due diligence” since CBD is being incorporated into such a wide variety of products.

Charlotte’s Web CBD Brand Unveils Striking Hemp Mural in Wheat Crop

While not the first large-scale artwork dedicated to hemp from Charlotte’s Web, it is just as impressive. Charlotte’s Web wanted the mural, located in a 76-acre Kansas wheat field, to speak to one of the brand’s values, to “trust the earth.” The brand also wanted to raise awareness and promote equal access to CBD products in every U.S. state. Charlotte’s Web also had a hemp mural painted on a building in Brooklyn.

Thanks for tuning in to another quick hits on Direct CBD Online. We’re looking forward to seeing you at the end of August. Remember, live well, and be well (and check out some further reading below)!

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