Is CBD Just a Fad?

Is CBD Just a Fad?

When it comes to fads, maybe you’ve had your fair share of participation — from feathered hair (guys, we’re looking at you, too) to contrasting lip liner. We’re maybe here to laugh a little, but not to judge. However, there are other “fads” to consider. Maybe you’ve participated in a juice cleanse or a Cap’n Crunch-only diet. And, lately, perhaps other types of health trends have caught your attention, making you question not only their legitimacy but also their staying power. Is CBD just a fad? Let’s discuss this further.

USDA establishes a domestic hemp program

First of all, when considering whether or not hemp is a “fad,” let’s consider how our own government is handling the matter. Has there ever been a domestic program to address other so-called fads? This program, announced in October, is one of the requirements of the 2018 Farm Bill. The hemp program will fulfill the need for a consistent and regulatory framework around the crop’s production in the United States. Regarding the program, Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue said, “At USDA, we are always excited when there are new economic opportunities for our farmers, and we hope the ability to grow hemp will pave the way for new products and markets.” He also said that the proposed framework will be “fair, consistent, and science-based.” Sound more involved than a fleeting trend? You bet.

Hemp farming quadrupled in the U.S. this year

Whether or not you have personally ventured into the CBD market, it’s a big one, and it isn’t shrinking. You don’t see perm products being produced at these numbers. Hemp farming quadrupled in the U.S. this year, and the number of farmers licensed to grow hemp in the U.S. more than quadrupled, too. With so much availability, and the creativity of hemp products growing, too, there’s really no limit to the variety of products we’ll see in the coming years. A prime example of this is water-soluble hemp and it’s greater bioavailability. Ingenuity like this is made possible by accessibility, and research is projected to continue.

Word-of-mouth reviews are more powerful than ever

You may be able to find out the answer to “is CBD just a fad?” from word-of-mouth alone. However, this would be the same word-of-mouth that’s outpacing science, and so far, not in a negative way. Patient-reported success is so significant that the Arthritis Foundation is still praising CBD as a promising treatment. This is in spite of the fact that there aren’t too many studies available saying so. As you may know, arthritis affects more than 54 million adults and 300,000 babies and children in the U.S. alone. This frustrating, painful, and oftentimes debilitating condition has limited treatment options, causing more people to turn to CBD for relief. There is also the question of CBD for pain relief in general, which many people find success, especially when CBD is combined with other natural pain-relievers.

When considering supply as well as the growing number of followers, it appears as though CBD is here to stay. Perhaps the question to ask isn’t “is CBD a fad?” but, rather, turn the question on yourself. Why limit the “fad” discussion to just CBD. Your idea of fads, in general, also comes into play. A fad may be a temporary, fleeting, or otherwise trendy thing. But if it works for you, and conventional wisdom — or medical professionals, that is — aren’t advising against it, then why stop? CBD may be just as much of a “fad” as denim-on-denim — plenty of people started wearing it one day and never stopped.

Though your doctor wouldn’t be the one to consult about Canadian Tuxedos, they are crucial when it comes to deciding whether or not CBD is right for you. Always keep your doctor in the loop so you can sport your denim duds for years and years to come.

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