Is CBD Isolate Water Soluble?

Is CBD Isolate Water Soluble?

CBD oil came on the food and health supplement market like a tsunami (Remember that song from 2014?). It’s potent, easy to transport, and comes in so many flavors. Plus it’s the CBD product with the most bioavailability! How cool would it be to just drop a dose in your morning shake and kill two birds with one stone? Let’s dive into water-soluble CBD isolate.

What is CBD isolate?

CBD Isolate is an isomer of CBD. The isolate contains CBD and no other cannabinoids (such as CBG, CBDa, CBN). It contains no THC, which makes it a great option for people who might be put off by the trace content of THC in some CBD types. For newbies, it is also a great solution, as it is easier to get the dosage right.

It is also tasteless and odorless, which is non only great for people sensitive to tastes and smells but also makes it a great option for cooking and drinks. But does it actually mix well with the food and drinks? Or does it sit on top like oil on peanut butter?

Is CBD isolate water-soluble?

CBD has features that make it a great candidate to be mixed with water. It’s tasteless, orderless, and easy to dose! But CBD extract in oils, in gummies, capsules, or bath bomb is still oil.

If you remember eighth grade, water and oil have densities that are too different to mix… Sorry, George.


Thankfully, the good people behind any water-soluble CBD products took physics further than eighth grade. In water-soluble CBD, the oil particles are separated into tiny molecules and stabilized to mix seamlessly with any liquid.

Now technically, that still isn’t soluble. If you paid attention in ninth grade you know that dissolving one compound into another would mean that said compound’s chemical composition would be altered. In the case of CBD, dissolving it would mean it is no longer CBD. It would be more accurate to call it water-mixable CBD, but it really doesn’t sound as smooth on the package.

Class dismissed.

Benefits of mixing CBD Isolate with a drink

Water-soluble CBD is a great way to get all the benefits of CBD available to your body. Indeed, your body is composed of up to 60% water. Putting an active ingredient in your water makes it easier for the body to transport.

Oil traditionally resists absorption by the body. And, CBD’s concentration is usually highly reduced when the traditional oil travels through the digestive system. With water-soluble CBD you basically Trojan Horse your body into absorbing CBD.

What should I not mix with my water-soluble CBD?

Like any active ingredient, CBD can sometimes interact with other supplements or foods and result in undesirable side effects. Here are the things you should avoid mixing CBD with to make sure it remains effective:

Herbs and supplements: Doubling down on the desired benefit (sleep, appetite, energy) with a supplement with similar benefits may be overkill. Try them separately before you combine them.

Alcohol: Alcohol enhances the effects of CBD, which again, could be overkill. Just like drinking and driving, when it comes to CBD and alcohol, you gotta chose one!

Fats and Milk: Fat and Milk also increases the amount of CBD absorbed by the body. Make sure you know enough about your reaction to CBD before mixing CBD with fatty food or a glass of milk. Obviously, you are totally welcome to mix it with Oat, Almond, or any other milk alternative.

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