How to Store CBD Oil

How to Store CBD Oil

You can improve the quality of your life and health noticeably when you begin to include CBD oil in your daily routine. For optimal effectiveness, make sure that you’re not just using CBD oil responsibly, but storing it properly as well. Below, we answer a few common questions about how to store CBD oil.

How CBD is Packaged

CBD oil and tinctures are normally packaged in glass vials. The glass itself is often dark, to prevent exposure to light. A dropper is usually included as well, to help with serving size and to keep the liquid inside as clean as possible.

Other products, like edibles, vape juice, capsules, and even dog treats should be stored in the same containers they came in. If the packaging has been damaged or can’t be sealed, find an airtight container and store as directed.

Common Questions About CBD Oil

Knowing how and where to keep your products is important and can help you get the most out of this healthy, all-natural remedy.

Can CBD Oil go bad?

Luckily, high quality CBD oil has a long and stable shelf life. Its longevity is similar to that of hemp oil, meaning it stays good for 14-24 months. Replace your opened CBD products after 2 years regardless, as the product can begin to lose potency and flavor.

Does CBD oil need to be kept in the fridge?

If you prefer the taste or temperature a bit colder when taking CBD, keeping the oil refrigerated is fine. It doesn’t need to be stored in the fridge, however, and is safe to use at room temperature.

If the instructions on the packaging suggest refrigeration after opening, be sure to do so. This may be the case for CBD-infused beverages, for example.

Recap: How to Store CBD Oil Responsibly

Here’s a recap of what we’ve covered for how to store your CBD oil:

1. Place it somewhere with a moderate temperature and away from light: CBD bottles are dark for a reason. The dark glass prevents light from seeping in and causing your CBD oil to lose freshness. A cool, dark pantry is best, away from windows and the stove. Provided your workplace allows CBD oil usage on-site, a desk drawer or cabinet is acceptable, too.

2. Tip for taking CBD oil with you: If you’re traveling with your CBD oil or simply like to keep it in your purse, gym bag, or briefcase, a re-sealable sandwich bag can help to keep the mess to a minimum in case of breakage.

3. Keep the contents free of contaminants: This goes without saying. Though the glass bottles and containers CBD oil comes in are tough, they’re not immune. Don’t store food products or topicals next to any harsh cleaning products, for example. Now that you know how to store CBD oil, you can find the products most convenient to you and your lifestyle in our online store. Find your favorites and explore our Featured Products!

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