February 2021 Quick Hits

February 2021 Quick Hits

February always comes in and out like a flash, but that doesn’t mean you didn’t miss any news in the cannabis industry. Here at Direct CBD Online, our favorite thing about the industry is how versatile and expansive it is (and is becoming).

In fact, there’s something new to learn about it every day, and it’s ever-evolving! This month we’re talking about growing new hemp-based organs, new USDA standards, a Humboldt county ban, and CBD in the MMA World!

3M to use hemp as a new adhesive and packaging material; even considers growing organs

3M, based in Saint Paul, Minnesota, has been hit hard by the pandemic. The group that used to be a huge office supply supplier understandably has had a hard time converting to the “new normal”. But the company has not lost an ounce of hope and sees great potential in hemp.

At the virtual National Hemp Symposium by Oregon State University, Don Davidson, 3M’s Global New Product Marketing Manager, only showed hope and enthusiasm. Davidson expressed the interest 3M currently has for hemp and the opportunity it represents. Davidson explained it could be a new source of sustainable packaging, plastic bags, and even cells used in regenerative medicine for things like cultivating healthy livers or intestines.

Be sure to follow this developing story closely. It could be a worst-case scenario for 3M and the like, or the best-case scenario, with hemp elevating us all into the future of health and wellness.

USDA announcing funding for a lab to study plan breeding

The USDA hasn’t yet commented on whether the hemp farmers should already take into account the new production rules introduced hours before the end of Trump’s mandate. This information was expected at the virtual National Hemp Symposium by Oregon State University. Although, Dionne Toombs, director of USDA’s Office of the Chief Scientist, announced other exciting news for hemp farming.

The USDA will be funding a new $66 million Agriculture Research Service lab to study hemp farming, fiber, and plant breeding. The USDA is also working to develop software to assist farmers to incorporate hemp into their crops.

While the legal status of cannabis at the federal level is still up in the air, the future of cannabinoids seems to be bright.

CBD is very popular in the MMA world

For MMA fighters — one of the most physically challenging sports — CBD has been a welcome innovation. The sport not only requires strength, but it also takes a strong mind. Therefore, CBD comes as a welcome remedy to tackle soreness, stiffness, and stress.

Nate Diaz has been vocal about using vapes and owns his own CBD company. Matt Hugues who survived a train accident in 2017, uses PureKana CBD to help with his recovery. Austin Vanderford and his wife value the wellness benefits, in and out of the cage.

Because it has the potential to help with recovery and rest, CBD is a real breath of fresh air in the MMA world. More than a trend, it seems to be a star supplement there to stay.

Humbolt County in California has permanently banned hemp cultivation

While that may sound like a step in the wrong direction; no, California is not stepping back on the legalization of marijuana.

In fact, the ban comes in an attempt to prevent cross-pollination between hemp and marijuana. Cross-pollination could alter the THC levels of the flower, thus making the marijuana less potent and unmarketable.

While the ban comes as good news for cannabis growers, it is a definite setback for the hemp industry. Unfortunately, Humbolt’s economy relies heavily on outdoor marijuana production.

As California’s government and respective counties figure out how to handle both industries, it will be interesting to see how the CBD industry at large evolves when presented with this similar plant battle.

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