Does CBD Only Come From Hemp?

Does CBD Only Come From Hemp?

Typically, conversations around CBD center on hemp. These conversations may, understandably, lead you to believe that hemp is the only source. However, getting CBD from hemp is not the only way!

How to Get CBD

As mentioned above, hemp is the most commonly discussed source of CBD. There are several different methods of extracting CBD from hemp, using CO2, ethanol, or olive oil.

But other methods are being discovered through new research! These methods are incredibly interesting steps forward in scientific research that could completely change the future world of cannabinoids.

According to Leafly, scientists are currently researching ways to extract CBD from hops and yeast as well! These methods involve complex bioengineering, as hops and yeast do not naturally produce CBD. “By manipulating their DNA, yeast can produce CBD, THC, and other cannabinoids or terpenes that would naturally be found in the cannabis plant,” writes Josh Caplan of Leafly.

These options may be more environmentally friendly than hemp because they use fewer resources to grow. They also provide more opportunity for customization, perhaps offering specialized CBD formulas for specific conditions.

Finally, synthetically-produced CBD already exists! Synthetic CBD is a more environmentally-friendly option, as it requires no land for growing or watering the plants. It is easier, quicker, and cheaper to produce.

Why Use CBD from Hemp?

While things may change as the industry evolves, hemp-derived CBD is currently the best option for personal CBD use.

Synthetic CBD is typically used in pharmaceutical medications, and while it is legal to use these medications with a prescription, the legality of purchasing synthetic CBD products without a prescription is not 100% clear. Unless you have a prescription, it’s best to avoid products that aren’t derived from hemp.

Research on other sources is just beginning. If you find products claiming to have CBD derived from a natural source other than hemp, it’s unlikely to be true and very unlikely to have been properly tested. It’s best to give this body of research some time to develop before using it.

Hemp-derived CBD has a large body of research supporting its safety and effectiveness for a wide variety of ailments.

In addition, after the passing of the Farm Bill, it’s the form of CBD that is definitely legal – so the likelihood is far greater that it’s safe to use for both your body’s sake and legal reasons.

Without lab testing, it’s difficult if not impossible to know where your CBD originated. That fact makes it extremely important to research brands and purchase from trusted sources with third-party testing and documented processes.

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