Does CBD Oil Go Bad?

Does CBD Oil Go Bad?

If you have a growing collection of CBD oils and assorted other products, you may circulate through a few favorites over time. Let’s say a product ends up in the back of your cabinet. If you rediscover it later on, excited to use it, you may pause and think, “does CBD oil go bad?” We’ll discuss how to know if your CBD is fresh and safe to use.

What happens to CBD oil that has expired?

Since CBD oil is an item that you typically ingest, it’s important to pay attention to its shelf-life. As your oil ages, it won’t necessarily become dangerous. However, CBD oil will become less potent over time. Taking CBD that is less potent won’t benefit you in any specific way. In fact, you’d have to compensate for the lower potency by taking more product. Instead of doubling up on CBD irresponsibly, it’d be much wiser to use a fresher oil instead.

When it comes to preventing your CBD oil from spoiling quicker, it’s important to follow any prompts or handling instructions on your specific label. You should do what you can to keep your oil away from direct light or sunlight, heat, extreme cold, and any other harsh environments. How fresh CBD can stay is also determined by the type of carrier oil it’s in. You can easily determine this by reading the ingredients listed on the bottle.

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How to gauge your CBD’s freshness

Much like other food items and similar products around your home, you may rely on both sight and smell to judge freshness. Though CBD oil may not have the “freshest” scent to begin with, CBD oil that has expired will have a noticeable change in odor. It may smell stronger, much more earthy, or just not good.

Another good gauge of CBD’s freshness is time. Most CBD oils have Use By dates of one to two years. However, specific brands and products may indicate a shorter timeline. If you’ve had oil for more than a year, it may be time to subject it to the sniff test. If you’re unsure, and there isn’t any indication on the label, you should contact the brand directly.

You should never take a CBD product if you’re unsure where it came from or if you don’t remember purchasing it. Your best bet is to simply restock with a brand or product you know and trust. Buying CBD from non-reputable vendors or brands that don’t adequately test their products could put your health at risk.

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If you’re new to CBD and are unsure how it interacts with your system, introduce it into your routine gradually. It’s also imperative to ask your doctor about CBD and if he or she thinks it would be right for you.

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