Does CBD Have an Age Limit?

Does CBD Have an Age Limit?

CBD can benefit people living with a wide variety of conditions and ailments – including those that often occur later in life. Pain, poor sleep quality, neurodegenerative diseases, and more can significantly impact the quality of life for seniors, and CBD is often beneficial in treating these types of ailments. But can seniors benefit from using CBD, or does CBD have an age limit?

Benefits of CBD for Seniors

There are a large number of symptoms and conditions that affect some seniors that can benefit from CBD.

First, CBD can help manage pain. Once CBD is absorbed, it stimulates the receptors in the brain and body like serotonin and TRPV1. They then produce the neurotransmitters that minimize the effects of pain and inflammation. In this way, CBD can help with painful conditions like arthritis, chronic pain from injuries, migraines, and more.

While there are other methods of fighting pain available in the form of traditional painkillers, there are often side effects to these treatments. Sometimes, the medication can cause damaging dependency or addiction. CBD is not addictive, and, according to a recent study, CBD can actually help combat addiction. The study shows that administering CBD helped keep patients from relapsing for five months. In addition, CBD can also help with the symptoms of withdrawal that come with quitting some medications.

Second, CBD can be useful in improving heart health. According to the American College of Cardiology, the most common condition amongst older adults is heart disease. And it’s the most common cause of death for the age group.

A study conducted in 2013 found that CBD is effective at relaxing the tissues in blood vessels, which improves blood circulation. Therefore, CBD can be an effective natural treatment for high blood pressure – and its potentially deadly side effects.

Third, CBD interacts with the receptors in our brain and central nervous system, leading experts to believe in its potential as a treatment for neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Multiple Sclerosis, and more. This 2017 study examines the effectiveness of CBD in treating Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Huntington’s, and ALS. It concludes that “evidence largely shows that CBD can produce beneficial effects in AD, PD and MS patients.”

In addition, growing research shows a link between CBD and the treatment of glaucoma. Cannabinoids like CBD can lower intraocular pressure, helping to alleviate glaucoma-related symptoms.

These are just some of the common ailments that seniors can live with – and that CBD may help manage.

Does CBD Have an Age Limit?

Unlike many prescriptions that can have more dangerous side effects as you age, CBD is a low-risk, potentially beneficial way to treat a variety of the complications associated with old age.

As always, it’s important for anyone to discuss adding CBD to their supplement regimen with a doctor before doing so. Quitting many prescriptions suddenly can cause problems – especially for seniors – so it’s important to discuss the health benefits of CBD with a healthcare professional and find the best way to manage your conditions together.

The appropriate CBD regimen can help people of any age live a healthier, better life!

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