December CBD News

December CBD News

IT”S HERE! IT’S THE HOLIDAY SEASON! And we are stone-cold cool about it. Before we get into a gift-giving frenzy here are the December CBD News from the hemp industry.

Shop guilt-free this holiday season?

The holiday season is famously one of the biggest yearly spikes in shopping. And this year, some might keep their holiday shopping online. For some particularly environmentally conscious shoppers, this brings up a recurring problem: packaging.

We have all received what seemed to be a Russian doll of different boxes and plastic wrapping to uncover one tiny item and been annoyed at the company we trusted to not over package our item. This is why many hemp and marijuana packaging companies are searching for more sustainable solutions. The switch could represent a considerable investment but is worth it for many companies who wish to be part of the solution in the fight against climate change.

Some companies such as Fumé have already made the change over to sustainable packaging, while others are still weighing their options.

On the other hand, hemp and marijuana growers are starting to realize that in some cases, hemp can consume more water than commodity crops. In the face of new weather challenges, some farmers are advocating to diversify their expertise and grow to include more crops than just hemp.

Legislations evolving worldwide

The entire hemp world let out a sigh of relief this month at the announcement from the EU to raise their THC threshold to 0.3% to match Canada and the United States. As you can imagine, this represents a massive opportunity for industries across the world to cooperate and of course, this massively widens the pool of potential customers on both sides of the Atlantic.

While this is massive news this change will only take effect in 2023.

On the other hand, in the US, the hemp industry actors did not get the break they were hoping for from the FDA. The government agency rejected over-the-counter CBD without more studies being done. More research and evidence-based data will be needed for CBD to be potentially approved by the FDA as a dietary supplement.

“Clear answers to many important questions are still lacking, such as what adverse reactions may be associated with CBD from hemp-derived products and what risks are associated with the longterm use of these products,” Grail Sipes, acting cannabis-products committee chair wi the FDA.

Finally, some good news for the holidays! This year, you can finally travel with your favorite CBD product. But not so fast, there are some restrictions! As for any other hygienic product, TSA requires that any product brought in carry-on luggage do not exceed 3.4oz and that CBD products respect federal law and contain under 0.3 THC. Make sure to also check states and international law before putting it in your bag, and be safe!

Why do so many take a shot at CBD Drink?

While the interest for CBD drinks seems to only be burgeoning, more and more companies and manufacturers are working to develop drinks in their CBD lines. From a risk management point of view, this doesn’t seem to be the best move, so why are they going so hard at it.

The answer may not be the one that you were expecting; to enter the market left out by other industries. For example, the alcohol industry sees CBD drinks as a great opportunity considering alcohol consumption in the country has reduced consistently over the last few years.

Prima CBD Drink Mix - Instant Zen 15mg 20 Count lifestyle

People no longer allowed to smoke or vape in public also constitute a market worth exploring by drinks.

Needless to say, this is a subject to watch and we cannot wait to see where it goes.

In other news:

It has not been a bad year, but we cannot wait for 2022! But if you find yourself wanting more after the December CBD news, consider looking into our past Direct CBD Online News articles right here.

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