December 2020 Quick Hits

December 2020 Quick Hits

And we made it — 2021. Feeling relieved? Still stressed? Here are some top stories from the CBD world to occupy at least a little bit of your time. Right here on Direct CBD Online, check out a clip about DJ Khaled’s new venture, CBD for strawberries, what’s going on in the EU, and more.

Increasing Acceptance Leads to Massive Opportunity for Smart Companies in CBD Space

With more states legalizing cannabis — the total is up to 15 — it’s clear that cannabis ventures are smart ones. One of the most successful brands this year is The Alkaline Water Company Inc., also known for A88CBD. In fact, it’s predicted that the global cannabis market could be as large as $1 trillion by the year 2027. That’s a lot of green.

DJ Khaled to Launch Line of CBD Products Next Year

In the words of the man himself, “another one.” That’s right, another celebrity is entering the CBD arena with their own line of products. In fact, DJ Khaled’s story is similar to that of Martha Stewart. He was inspired to create his upcoming lifestyle and wellness brand after embarking on a personal wellness journey himself, in which CBD became a big part of it. According to Khaled’s partner in the endeavor, Endexx, they were pleased with his passion for CBD and knowledge. The name of his brand has not yet been released. Will you be able to shop it on Direct CBD Online? Who knows! But it’s certainly exciting to hear he’s had success.

Study: CBD Oil Could Extend Strawberries’ Shelf Life

Perhaps you’ve heard that CBD and cannabis products have seemingly endless uses. That being said, you probably haven’t heard this one yet. According to a new study by researchers at the University of South Florida, CBD oil has potential as an antimicrobial treatment for fresh produce. In the study, the oil also inhibited yeast and mold growth. This is great news for unsuccessful growing seasons as well as the demand to keep stores stocked with healthy, fresh items year-round.

EU Officials Resume Review of CBD Novel Food Applications After Ditching Narcotic Stance

A big win and a massive relief for CBD interests in Europe — CBD will not be regarded as a narcotic. This means that products and materials can be freely traded among member states. In fact, CBD foods and supplements must be evaluated for consumer safety and seek authorization from EU authorities to place them on the market in the near future. The original stance that restricted CBD was based on an International Drug Treaty from 1961. A lot has changed since then, to say the least.

Looking for More CBD News?

Again, welcome to 2021! While we don’t think you’d like to look back too far into last year, we wanted to provide some past Quick Hits articles for your viewing pleasure. Honestly, last year wasn’t all bad, and there’s plenty of CBD content to prove it. Check back with us next month for more news.

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