December 2019 Quick Hits

December 2019 Quick Hits

Look at that — it’s the end of another month, the end of the year, and the end of a decade! We’re here on Direct CBD Online with another roundup of trending CBD news and topics. Check out what happened in December — from NY stepping up its hemp laws to some of our brands getting applause, a UFC champ’s CBD use, and more.

Gov. Cuomo Signs New York Hemp Law; Decision on Food, Beverages Deferred

If you’re not directly connected to the hemp industry, regulations or laws may sound like a negative thing. However, Gov. Cuomo’s efforts can actually help both growers and consumers. Gov. Cuomo said, “By establishing a regulatory framework for producing and selling hemp and hemp extract, we can set the industry on a path to continued growth in a smart, safe way that empowers both farmers and consumers.” What does the law involve? It gives the Dept. of Agriculture and Markets more power, as well as the Dept. of Health. Hemp sellers must also be registered with the state to better account for the manufacture and sale of their products. Gov. Cuomo also made the decision to defer regulations regarding CBD food and beverages.

The Five Best CBD Oils and How to Choose the Right One

According to the Observer, two of the “Five Best” CBD oils are offered right here on Direct CBD Online. The metropolitan news and features outlet chose these brands based on careful examination of reputation, practices, and methods of already highly rated CBD manufacturers. You can shop NuLeaf Naturals and CBDistillery on our site to your heart’s content.

Tim “The Dirty Bird” Means Talks Latest UFC Win, Benefits of CBD Use

If you’re not already aware, many athletes — from retirees to active fighters — applaud CBD for its ability to improve various aspects of their game. Tim “The Dirty Bird” Means, a welterweight fighter, credits CBD for helping with his soreness, appetite, and mental health. In the past, companies such as Coppergel and cbdMD have garnered the support of legends such as Mike Tyson and Rob Gronkowski, respectively.

Which State Facilitates the Most Discussion About CBD on Twitter? The Answer May Surprise You

According to a post by Utah’s KUTV, featuring data from CBDInsider, Florida and Utah take the No.1 and 2 spots for the most discussion about CBD on Twitter. Surprised it’s not somewhere more hemp-centric, like Colorado or California? This just goes to show that Twitter is an interesting place in itself.

And that’s it for December! We’ll see you all in 2020. We hope you enjoyed the holidays past and are looking forward to a great year — we know we are! For more posts about CBD, such as “Is CBD Just a Fad?“, you know we’ve got you. And, as you may predict, we want to remind you to involve your doctor in any decision to use CBD. Though CBD can improve outcomes for symptoms of arthritis, as well as general pain and epilepsy, it may not be right for everyone. It’s better to be safe and enjoy the benefits of CBD with your doctor in the loop than any alternative.

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