CBG vs. CBD: Differences You Should Know

CBG vs. CBD: Differences You Should Know

CBG vs. CBD is a worthwhile comparison. You’re likely wondering what the two have in common and how they differ. It’s also understandable if all you want to know is, “well, is one better for me than the other?” Though not all of the answers are available when it comes to CBD and the other 112 cannabinoids, we can definitely give you a start.

Benefits of each

When considering any new supplement, it’s important to understand the potential benefits as well as talk to your physician. CBD has been around for quite a while, yet studies are still ongoing, and for good reason. However, it has been determined that CBD can address or improve aspects of the following:

CBG, on the other hand, isn’t necessarily newer. However, less conclusive research is available simply because CBG is a bit more complicated to isolate and produce. There is some exciting evidence, however, that indicates CBG can play a role in addressing or improving the following:

Difference in accessibility

If you think that CBD is just about everywhere, you’re not far off. The 2018 Farm Bill allowed for a huge boost in hemp production as well as a surge in hemp-based products. Though CBG is actually a precursor of CBD, CBG is far more expensive to produce. This is because hemp plants contain far lower levels of CBG, and the biomass required to create any considerable amount of CBG isolate is far greater than that needed for CBD.

If you’re hoping to reap the benefits of CBG but aren’t able to snag isolated products, you can rest assured that there are levels of CBG in full-spectrum products. Full-spectrum CBD products also contain levels of CBN, yet another cannabinoid being studied for its unique benefits.

Shopping for CBG and CBD products

To help you determine whether CBG vs. CBD is right for you, it’s a good idea to expand the types and formulations of products in your routine. As you may know, sometimes it takes a while to find the right CBD product for you — adding CBG to the mix won’t make this process any different.

Here are three great products with added CBG to explore:

What’s next for CBG vs. CBD

If you’re curious about what’s next for these two cannabinoids, the competition will likely continue to an extent. However, there is a huge focus in the scientific community to focus on the entourage effect of different cannabinoids and plant content. So, not only will there be an examination of how well CBG can work alone, but also how well it can work with other cannabinoids such as CBD, CBN, and even CBC. We’ll keep you updated as more research becomes available. As always, live well, and be well!

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