CBD Edibles: Gummies & Chocolates

CBD Edibles: Gummies & Chocolates

Health and wellness supplements seem to take the form of candy more and more. Even outside of the CBD world, you can find chocolates to help you go to sleep, gummies with vitamins, and so on and so forth. So can CBD edibles be both delicious and a wellness tool?

What are CBD Edibles?

CBD edibles are the category of products that encompasses all products that can be eaten. Edibles are traditionally better for everyday use, as wellness maintenance if you will. While edibles are a great way to improve your everyday wellness, some are focused on sleep, relaxation, and other specific symptoms.

When taking edibles for a specific issue, keep in mind they need to go through the digestive system to get to the bloodstream, they are typically slightly less bioavailable than other forms of CBD products. The onset is also usually slower.

Some examples of edible CBD products are chocolate, gummies, and cooking oil.

Are beverages and water-soluble tinctures considered edibles? You decide we couldn’t.


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CBD Gummies

CBD gummies are a fun way to get your daily dose of CBD. They are available in all the flavors you can possibly think of! This is a great option for a CBD wellness solution without any tangy flavor. Some gummies are formulated for specific symptoms, like stress and problems going to sleep.

For the nostalgic among us, some gummies even come in from and flavors that imitate our childhood favorites!

Note: keep those high up and safe from small human hands.

Word to the wise, while they might be super tasty and taste like candy, they remain a health supplement, and shouldn’t be taken in inappropriate dosages. Taking too much CBD can have adverse effects, always make sure to follow the suggested dosage and work out tolerance over time.

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CBD Chocolates

CBD chocolates are definitely more of a low-key CBD intake method. As described by one of our brands Grön, chocolate is

“A decadent way for dark chocolate lovers to get their daily dose of CBD”

Need we say more. Well, we will anyway!

While gummies have a more practical approach to CBD, chocolate makes it a stolen moment to enjoy a nice piece of chocolate coupled with an optimal amount of wellness. Which in our opinion, kills two birds with one stone!

Although chocolates are a delicious way to indulge into CBD, it tends to be made with more fat than gummies. This is important to consider as it makes it slightly harder to break down for the body.

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Chocolate or Gummy, what is the best CBD product for me?

The first thing to consider when choosing the best CBD product for you is; you! Determine your expectations of CBD, the best way, time, and form of CBD to fit your lifestyle. This should already narrow down the selection of products that are best for you.

If you consider edibles to be your best option, and are hesitating between chocolate and gummy, make sure you are comfortable with the bioavailability of each product and consider again which one you will be more likely to take on a regular basis.

Taking steps towards a better lifestyle is always a good thing, but this shouldn’t come in the way of the execution. In other words, choosing the product you will look forward to taking, will play a huge role in your wellness journey!

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