Can You Take CBD with Alcohol?

Can You Take CBD with Alcohol?

As CBD becomes well-known for its many health benefits, it’s becoming more likely to see it as an ingredient in food, lattes, and even cocktails and beers. But is mixing CBD and alcohol actually beneficial — or a good idea at all?

How do they interact?

It’s safe to assume that any time you mix two substances that affect your body, you should use caution. Make sure you know how you respond to both CBD and alcohol separately before combining the two.

Even if you aren’t mixing CBD directly into a cocktail or other alcoholic drink, the two can still interact. If you take CBD and drink alcohol within eight hours of each other, it’s possible that you’ll feel the effects.

Furthermore, both are known to help you feel more relaxed. Taking the two substances together multiplies the effect. While this feeling can be great for stress relief purposes, it could easily make you feel too sedated. It’s important to be safe when mixing the two and, as always, never drive after drinking — regardless of whether you also took CBD.

Studies show that, despite CBD’s ability to improve energy, it does not improve your functionality when you’re intoxicated. The people in the study who were given both CBD and alcohol had reaction times that were just as slow as those who only consumed alcohol.

Are there benefits to this mix?

Although CBD won’t increase your functionality while drinking alcohol, there may be some benefits to taking the two together. One study from Psychopharmacology found that participants who took a CBD capsule with their alcohol had lower blood alcohol levels than those who drank alcohol alone. However, participants on both sides experienced the same cognition and coordination impairments.

Another study found that rodents who were given topical CBD gel experienced less neurodegeneration caused by alcohol. In addition, CBD can help protect the liver from a multitude of problems, including alcohol-induced stress.

If you happen to have a few too many drinks, CBD will be there for you the next morning. Although the best way to prevent hangovers is drinking in moderation, CBD is a great potential treatment for nausea and headaches.

It’s important to thoroughly understand your body before mixing these two substances. If you do decide to mix them be aware that you may feel more relaxed than you expected — and make sure you get home safely!

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