August CBD News

August CBD News

This is the best time of the year! It’s still summer, kids are back to school and it’s Madonna’s birthday! Need we say more? With those conditions and the warm weather, the hemp industry flourished and Direct CBD Online is happy to bring you updates on its latest August cbd news!

Simon said: CBD’s legislations

Connecticut is taking steps to make hemp products sold within the state safer and more reliable. The law signed by the Senate makes adult-use marijuana legal and made changes to existing cannabis regulations. Beginning July 1, the marijuana marketplace may no longer offer or sell products made using hemp-derived products without a license. This law is a big step towards regulating and vetting the quality of hemp products; “Prior to this change, entities were able to sell products in the normal retail market without having to adhere to any testing, packaging, or labeling standards, including childproof packaging standards, or product restrictions prohibiting forms that appeal to children.” Commissioner Michelle H. Seagull said.

In the vape world, companies are confused and frustrated with the USPS delays in defining what the ban on vaporized products entails. In April, the postal agency made it sound like they would no longer allow shipping for vapes, nicotine or not. But has since then the agency has not published an updated rule. This leaves manufacturers left to guess whether or not their company’s future is in jeopardy.

Delta 8 is not canceled yet, it’s regulated

Governor Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan signed a legislation package that will restrict delta 8 THC to channels approved by the states for marijuana. “This package of bills continues to show Michigan is the model for the nation in regard to protecting its residents and making sure that those who consume marijuana products do so in a safe manner,” Gov. Whitmer said in a statement. 

Chemists around the US have vocalized the need for more testing and regulation of Delta 8 THC by states, or by federal organizations They are alarmed by the lack of empirical research and are worried about the safety of consumers in an industry that does not yet require any testing yet.

THC-O is subject to the same type of concerns. Derivative of delta 8, it is can be three times more potent. The danger posed by such a product left unregulated is obvious and chemical engineers and microbiologists are sounding the alarm.

Meanwhile, it seems the USDA’s work on hemp seems to be only starting its analytical stages, waiting on approval from the White House to send a survey to 20,000 farmers to gather hemp production data.

The future is female?

While a lot of hemp-related are marketed mostly to men, women remain a dominant consumer of CBD products. Indeed, they make up to two-thirds of US CBD consumers are women according to the gender study firm NielsenIQ.

The potential for growth is also considerable with 1 in 3 women saying they are likely to consume a CBD product in the next 12 months. Therefore, brands have nothing to lose from developing more feminine products.

This huge opportunity is pretty logical; women are more likely to use more product types than men. They can and will use athletic products, wellness products and will also introduce hemp and CBD in their daily skin routine. Meanwhile, men’s consumer behavior is less attracted to skin-related products.

There is no saying how CBD brands will cater to this demographic, but we cannot wait to see it.

Curious about women-oriented products? Check out our dedicated page on Direct CBD Online!

Hemp to save the planet

Hemp is showing more and more that its role in reducing, even replacing plastic use is crucial.

In Pennsylvania, a company that makes bioplastics is expanding and plans to hire 125 people! This is a golden goose in the current job market.

Hemp advocates are pushing farmers to consider growing hemp as a form of regenerative agriculture. According to European studies, the crop is twice as effective at carbon sequestration as trees. Additionally, it gobbles carbon at a rate of 6 tons per acre. While the variety of hemp may play a role in the amount of carbon the plant captures, hemp farming is traditionally low in carbon emission.

In other August CBD news

You could soon be eating hemp as a side dish! As hemp baby greens are introduced to produce supply chain.

Laws apply to the hemp industry: The Kentucky Hemp Association is suing Kentucky agriculture police leader over excessive raids. And Montana hemp farmers have been awarded $65million in damages in damages from Canadian and U.S. businesses and investors who promised to pay them up to $700 per acre for hemp grown in 2018, then failed to pay.

As North Carolina discontinues its pre-existing hemp oversight operation, it is becoming clear that federal programs are the future of the hemp industry. 

As we expected, 2021 is looking up! But if you find yourself wanting more CBD news, consider looking into our past Direct CBD Online Quick Hits articles right here.

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