August 2020 Quick Hits

August 2020 Quick Hits

Can you believe it’s not even August anymore? Yes? No? A little bit of both? Us too. Whether you’re looking forward to the start of fall that’s fast approaching or not, perhaps we can get you excited about some of the CBD news below. If you haven’t heard yet, Martha Stewart hasn’t gone anywhere. She’s been hard at work on a line of CBD products that you’re not going to want to miss. Here’s that and more top news, right here on Direct CBD Online.

Martha Stewart CBD Is Launching Soon

If you haven’t seen anything about Martha Stewart’s CBD venture yet or signed up for a special discount once the collection drops — here’s your shot! Direct CBD Online is thrilled to offer a line of CBD products from Martha Stewart, brought to you by a unique partnership with Canopy Growth, a world-renowned hemp and cannabis device company. You can learn more about Canopy Growth in the quick video below. And, as you can expect, Martha’s quality products have already received high marks and regard in preliminary testing. Read more of these details on our blog, and be on the lookout for her exciting lineup of CBD products coming in early September.

Poll Reveals Which Sports Fans Use Marijuana And CBD the Most And Least

There’s an interesting disconnect between which sports leagues and associations show more tolerance to CBD, versus the viewers that use it. For example, CBD is used the least by golf fans followed by MLB fans. The PGA is only one of two leagues that allow CBD sponsorships, as you may be familiar with Bubba Watson’s backing of cbdMD and Rickie Fowler’s backing of Level Select. CBD may also be the missing piece to improving your own golf game — or any athletic prowess — for a variety of reasons. The other league that allows CBD sponsorships? IndyCar racing. No leagues allow marijuana sponsorships, as you can imagine, but all allow alcohol and gambling marketing.

Hemp in California: Battle for Sound CBD Regulations Nears Final Stretch

California’s legislative session ends in August, and interested parties are racing to get official CBD legislation passed before it’s put on hold for another year. So, where’s the disconnect? A few different groups are failing to agree, namely state lawmakers, the California governor’s office, the California Department of Health, hemp and marijuana industry interests, and health and wellness advocates.

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